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The Fully Extended Cut of 'Batman v Superman' Has Been Seen... What Additions Await?


While I wouldn't go so far as to call Batman v Superman: Dawn of Sequels a rousing success, it had its fair share of issues which all seemed to stem from Zack Snyder shooting too much footage and having to cut crucial bits of plot in the process. Nevertheless, the three-hour fully extended edition has been seen, and the general gist is that it does a good job of explaining in further detail a bunch of stuff given short shrift in the theatrical cut.

While we at Double Viking have yet to see this new version of the film, the good folks over at Comic Book Movie (link below) have, and they've hooked us up with these bits of info about the film...

Jena Malone's NOT Playing Barbara Gordon or Carrie Kelly


Much like those rumors that Scoot McNairy was going to be playing an already established DC character, rumors had flown for months that Jena Malone's character—which was cut from the theatrical version—was going to also be a DC favorite making their big screen debut. While most of that chatter focused on her either playing Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl aka The Oracle, or Carrie Kelly from The Dark Knight Returns. As it turns out, she's just another nobody...

...she ends up being a S.T.A.R. Labs forensic scientist who helps Lois Lane figure out the mysteries behind that bullet she recovered from the desert. While the actress plays an important role in filling the journalist in on what Lex has been up to, there aren't any hints in regards to her being a major character from the comic books, so it turns out the actress was just cut because this subplot was dropped.


Lex's Motivations are Made Clearer


While it doesn't sound like there's a ton of material to make his motivations make better sense, it seems that Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor did indeed do plenty of scheming we didn't get to see in the theatrical cut...

Something which didn't really make any sense in Batman v Superman is why the government would believe the Man of Steel is responsible for slaughtering dozens of armed terrorists who were quite clearly gunned down by Lex Luthor's men. After all, Superman isn't exactly well known for shooting people, but the Ultimate Cut elaborates on this in two ways.

For starters, Anatoli Knyazev/KGBeast actually burns the bodies to make it look like the hero wiped the men out with his heat vision. Secondly, the villager who testified about his actions to that senate committee is revealed to be an actress hired by Luthor, and she's later murdered by his men after having a change of heart and telling Senator Finch the truth. This version of the movie makes it clear that Lex has orchestrated everything we're seeing, whereas the theatrical cut of Batman v Superman arguably played out more like a series of coincidences in the villain's favour.


The Wheelchair Bomb is Better Explained


One of the things that made absolutely zero god damned sense was how Supes didn't spot the bomb in Scoot McNairy's wheelchair, and thankfully that's explained, along with the fact that McNairy's character was not aware of the bomb either...

It turns out that suspected suicide bomber Wallace Keefe's wheelchair is made of the same substance as those bullets, and while Batman v Superman's theatrical cut made us think he willingly blew himself up, it turns out that Lex framed him and planted the bomb in there without his knowledge (the casing around that was lined with lead too, explaining why the Man of Steel never spotted it).

Lois figures out Wallace didn't intend to kill himself when she sees groceries in his apartment which he clearly intended to use later that same day. However, bomb making materials have been planted there along with anti-Superman graffiti which help ensure both the public and authorities are left sure of his guilt. Going back to Lex setting up Superman for those murders, and the senate hearing makes a lot more sense because it turns out that Finch is actually going to expose the villain's actions before she spots that "tea" and realises that Luthor has actually outsmarted her.

However, Snyder also puts a greater focus on (Superman's) heroic actions, and that can be seen after the Senate explosion. Rather than just standing amid all that destruction looking a bit sad, Superman actually flies victims out of the wreckage and is making an effort to save people. Talking of Man of Steel, an extended version of Clark's funeral at the end of the movie brings back Pete Ross and Lana Lang from that movie, while The Daily Planet staff can also be seen in attendance. It's also mentioned that Bruce paid for the service!


Lex is Off to Arkham and likely a Suicide Squad cameo


We all know that Lex was left alive, following the deleted scene of his communion with Steppenwolf(?), and Batman pays him a visit in jail, but an extended version of Lex's final scene ends with Batman getting the upper hand by doing more than punching the wall...

In an extended version of their confrontation at the end of the movie, Lex makes it clear that he knows Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same, and taunts the Dark Knight because he's too insane to ever stand trial for his actions. However, he doesn't have the last laugh as it turns out that Batman has made the necessary arrangements to have Lex moved to Arkham Asylum, something which quickly wipes the smirk off the villain's face. So, will he meet The Joker in Suicide Squad? It now feels like a very real possibility...


The Door is Still Very Much Wide Open for Lex Sr.


Back when Lex Luthor was announced as the main villain for Batman v Superman, everyone shit themselves in anticipation of Bryan Cranston landing the role. When that didn't happen, memes like the one above were born, but it appears the possibility of Lex Sr. appearing in these films makes its way into some deleted BvS dialogue...

A new scene between Lex (Eisenberg) and Senator Finch seemingly reveals that Lex Sr. may be alive. That's right, Eisenberg is playing Lex Jr. in the movie. 

“Maybe if I keep everything the same, Dad will come back," Lex Jr. tells Senator Finch.

A Tumblr fan who has seen the footage describes the scene as: "He talks about his Dad almost as if he’s not dead." (Via Cosmic Book News)

If they are indeed hedging their bets and keeping the door open for an elder Lex, Cranston is the perfect choice. If he turns it down again, I vote for Mark Strong!


Batfleck Butt

This one comes to us courtesy of omg blog, and only adds fuel to Zack Snyder's homoerotic tendencies, but during the stupid Batman workout sequence before his big fight with Supes, we get a quick look at Ben Affleck's ass as he showers. I'll spare you the particulars, but if you'd like to see a GIF of it, click here.

Via Comic Book Movie

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