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Tell Me More, Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan is an international martial arts sensation whose been known to croon out a winning duet of "Unforgettable" alongside Ani DiFranco. He's also got a thing or two to say about a thing or two, namely how China is changing the game when it comes to filmmaking, and how soon, Americans will cower before him and his golden pipes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (link below), the Nehru jacket enthusiast was speaking at the Shanghai International Film Festival this weekend when he made some interesting remarks about the difference in the opening weekend box office takes of the new film Warcraft, which grossed in China nearly six times what it did in North America this past weekend...

Saying that China was overlooked as a “nothing market” for decades, Chan suggested that the world has come to see the country’s entertainment sector in a very different light of late. He cited the phenomenal Chinese box-office performance of Legendary Entertainment’s Warcraft as evidence of the new order.

"Warcraft made 600 million RMB [$91 million] in two days — this has scared the Americans,” Chan said. “If we can make a film that earns 10 billion [$1.5 billion], then people from all over the world who study film will learn Chinese, instead of us learning English,” he added. (As of Saturday, Warcraft had grossed $144.7 million in China over four days, while it opened to just $10.7 million on Friday in North America, where it has been hit with mostly negative reviews.)

“It is you, not us, who makes China powerful,” Chan said to the mostly Chinese crowd in attendance. “So, thank you all — we hope the Chinese film industry gets even more powerful.”

Yes, Jackie, Americans are terrified of China, it's true, but not because China continues to turn our box office trash into solid fucking gold, but because it's a legit superpower to whom we're billions of dollars in debt. If you'd like to take some of our franchises off our hands, like Transformers, in hopes of wiping out this debt, I'm all for that plan. Seriously, I guarantee we could sell them the rights to Transformers and Warcraft, wipe out our debt to them, and still have money to make hot piles of garbage for the rest of time. 

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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