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Oh, Michael Bay... The New Transformers Might Be Tied To King Arthur?


So the fifth Transformers movie is called Transformers: The Last Knight. Turns out, that might be a very literal title—a new plot rumor claims that the reason the fifth Transformers movie title references knights is because it's literally about that, because Michael Bay is exactly that type of person. Apparently, the titular knights mentioned are specifically those related to the story of King Arthur.

According to the rumor mill, The Last Knight will be all about Arthurian mythology. Here's the main "plot" point: Optimus Prime goes back to Cybertron only to find out it's been demolished, and in order to bring it back he'll need an artifact that was least seen in possession of Merlin BECAUSE OF COURSE IT WAS. If this was literally any other director, I would dismiss this as hogwash because it sounds too terrible and basic to be true, but it IS Michael Bay so this probably has at least some basis in reality. No word yet on how he plans to make explosions in medieval times, but it's Michael Bay. He'll do it and I'll hate it and it will make me angry.  

Transformers: The Last Knight, directed by Michael Bay and starring Mark Wahlberg, opens June 23, 2017.

Ed. This apparently isn't unheard of in Transformers mythos... {eye roll}

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