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Is This Marvel Baddie Going Up Against 'The Defenders' on Netflix?


When Marvel and Netflix first teamed up to bring a quartet of their characters to the small screen, the plan was to ultimately bring the leading characters of the four series together, Avengers-style, in The Defenders. While we haven't heard much about this plan in a while, with Luke Cage set to debut later this year and Iron Fist finally in production, we're finally getting our first rumor about which villain they'll face off against, and it's a pretty damn good one.

Mephisto will be the big baddie of The Defenders series, and he may make his first appearance in the aforementioned Iron Fist...

Marvel is talking about setting Mephisto as the prime antagonist for the DefendersSome may say that this villain wouldn’t fit the TV shows but that’s why they’re incorporating Iron Fist – to set up the supernatural elementThis would also help set up the next phase of the Netflix shows, as Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider are being considered.

So this is some pretty fantastic news, especially if you've been hoping that Marvel would begin rolling out some of their stranger and more supernatural characters. Mephisto has crossed over into tons of titles and has a history with some of these existing characters, so he makes perfect sense as the primary antagonist. Let's hope they follow through on this because it's got infinite potential!

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