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Is This How 'Alien: Covenant' Will Tie Into the Original Films?


While we have precious little information about Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant, a new rumor floating around may make the film tie into the Alien mythology better than its predecessor. Well, better is a strong word, provided this rumor is true, it will certainly tie the new film into the old ones, but probably not in the way fans were hoping.

According to Comic Book Movie (link below), Katherine Waterston is playing Daniels, the captain of the film's crew, but her character may be tied directly to the character who is the face of the franchise...

The Playlist has heard that Waterson will actually be playing Ellen Ripley's (Sigourney Weaver) mother.

Okay, this is probably a bit of fanboy wishful thinking, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if this is how they plan to tie this film into the others. Considering The Playlist is now sporting a "Fox told us to take this down" warning on the site, it lends it some more credence. It's dumb, but at least we've got some time to sit with it and get used to the idea. Time isn't doing much with this idea for me, however, so I'll be over here in the corner, stewing. 

Via Comic Book Movie

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