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Hey Look, You Sexist Piece of Shit: The Lady Ghostbusters Will Fight the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!


The last time I tried talking about the upcoming Ghostbusters remakeboot, a bunch of totally awesome, pro-women dudes showed up out of nowhere to comment on the article and offer their support for the all-female film. Just kidding, three douchebag sea lions who never visited our website before popped in to drop of their misogynistic comments while trying to act like they weren't being pigs. Well, now we've got some new TV spots that show several of the villains the Busters will be facing down, including a familiar Marshmallow Man!

These three spots offer up mostly footage that we've seen before, but there's some new stuff in here just in case you're not so blind with "shitting on my childhood" rage to take a look. Listen guys, we get it. You can't be misogynists because you love women. The only problem is, that's not how that works. It's essentially like saying, "I'm not racist because I went to see a Denzel Washington movie." The sole outcry from men such as these regarding this film is basically a dressed up 2016 version of "women aren't funny." I doubt any of you would write off an all-male Ghostbusters reboot starring three SNL alums and one of the most popular stars on the planet provided they all had dicks. You're probably the same dudes that decried Rey's discovery of her force skills and ace piloting of a starship in The Force Awakens while overlooking the fact that Luke did the SAME EXACT FUCKING THINGS in A New Hope. Paul Feig has yet to direct a film that isn't fucking hilarious, and I doubt he's going to stop now.

I get it, guys. I'm a 37 year old white male. I have, relatively speaking, no major problems in my life that are a direct result of being a white male living in America. The difference is that I don't see an all-female cast of a movie as being the equivalent of unwanted sexual contact. There's a time and place for the R word fellas—hell, look at ANYTHING Michael Bay has done in his entire career—but writing off a movie because the cast is all female doesn't make you a woman-loving guy who's just standing up for his point of view. It makes you a sexist piece of shit, and until you can acknowledge that, you're doomed to continue whistling in the canyon that is the internet comments section for the rest of time. Grow up, guys, it's 2016.


Via Comic Book Movie

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