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Final 'Star Trek Beyond' Trailer Scored to a Rihanna Song for Some Reason


For many, many Star Trek fans, Into Darkness was a moronic attempt at fan service that backfired in spectacular fashion. Thankfully, they appear to have learned from their mistakes as Star Trek Beyond looks like it's not going to rely on cheap tricks to try and appease fans, but rather a new kind of space adventure for this crew. Unfortunately, they scored this final trailer to a Rihanna song which doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. 

I will definitely admit that the imagery and snippets of dialogue from the film—in addition to that awesome shot of Chris Hunksworth as Kirk's father—all have me very excited for this film, but using a pop song is so incongruous when paired with space adventure footage. Hollywood's gotta get people into the theater any way they can, but I think a score would have perfectly suited the imagery. Whatever, what do I know? I just write for Double Viking, I don't get to decide what music goes into what trailers, but they could've at least used a No Kill I song. Those guys need the money and exposure more than Rihanna...

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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