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Commence Loud, Fangirl Squee-ing: Buffy Board Game Due Out This October

Buffy The Vampire Slayer shaped my childhood. Some girls dreamed of being a Disney princess, I dreamed of being a vampire slayer (and I was always Team Riley. That's right. Fight me.) I laughed and sobbed with her and the rest of the Scooby gang, and the saddest day of my life was the day the show ended. I collect the comics religiously, and for my birthday, one of my friends made me a full-sized Buffy scythe. I tend to snap up Buffy merch like it's magic and I'm season 5 Willow. So this news has me positively losing my shit. 

Buffy is getting a brand new board game, out in October. 

Jasco Games is teaming up with Lynnvander Studios to bring us fans Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Board Game. The game will be designed by Thomas M. Gofton (via ICv2), and it's a co-op game where you play as Buffy and her Scoobies, teaming up to save Sunnydale. Not many details on characters, plot, or combat have been released, but the basic gist is this: you play as Buffy and co, teaming up to take on ghouls, goblins, demons, and vamps that are trying to open the Hellmouth, and each character will have unique abilities that will aid you in your fight against the forces of darkness.

Going to buy this one as soon as it comes out, and if you're playing with me, I have dibs on Anya.  

Buffy Vampire Slayer Board Game Box



Brandy dawley

Brandy Dawley

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