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Channing Tatum "Fully Committed" To Gambit, Doesn't Rule Out DCEU Appearance


Yesterday we published a wildly speculative post that presupposed what would happen if Channing Tatum jumped ship from Marvel to join the DCEU. Well, apparently the actor is still "fully committed" to the forever gestating Gambit film, yet isn't ready to rule out the possibility of appearing somewhere in the DCEU sometime in the near future.

According to Latino-Review (link below), Tatum isn't abandoning the Gambit film at all despite those wildly speculative rumors...

We reached out to a deeply-embedded source, who spoke with us on a condition of anonymity. The source referred to the speculation as totally off-the-mark, and assured us that Fox was moving forward with GAMBIT, with Tatum fully committed.

As they helpfully point out, Tatum is technically a part of the DC family, having done the voice for LEGO Superman in The LEGO Movie, and he's also slated to appear in another comic book movie, the upcoming Kingsman: The Golden Circle. If he does indeed make the leap to the DCEU, who would you want to see him play? I'd be down for Billy Batson or Kyle Rayner personally, he could nail either of those.

Via Latino-Review

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