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Cap and Black Widow Were Supposed to Face Off in 'Civil War'


With all the stuff they managed to include in the two and a half hour Captain America: Civil War, it's hard to believe some stuff actually ended up on the cutting room floor. One battle that did, however, was a fight between Cap and Black Widow that would have taken place during the climactic airport battle, and thanks to this animatic, we can now see what it would have added to the scene.

Just about the best part of this sequence is seeing Tasha wielding Cap's shield against him, something that would have added a little more depth to their relationship. Ah, who am I kidding, it just would've been cool, which is probably why it was cut. Don't forget fanboys, cool doesn't always make sense in narrative terms, though the two seem to be synonymous for most fans. Check out two more animatics below featuring an extended version of the Bucky/Black Panther chase scene, and a longer version of the scenes where the team argues while Zemo chats with Bucky. Good stuff.


Via Comic Book Movie

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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