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Behind the Scenes Pics of Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash's Batman v Superman Cameos


While it might seem hard to believe, we haven't seen all of the behind the scenes footage from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just yet. One of the biggest missing pieces from the behind the scenes pics and videos we've seen thus far has been the cameos made by the other members of the Justice League, and now we're finally getting a look at what shooting those scenes was like.

These pics come to us courtesy of Twitter user Kyle Jones (@nighthawkj2), and show the very green screened sets where Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash all filmed their cameos. 




Most of the images show the many different angles used to capture the four second scene of Jason Momoa swimming out of a shipwreck...



The Flash

Here we have bts looks at both of Ezra Miller's scenes, including his appearance via a boom tube at Bruce's workstation...




Finally we get some nice shots of Ray Fisher as Victor Stone both as he's being transformed by the Mother Boxes, as well as a nice close-up look at his scarred makeup job...



The Fully Extended Edition of BvS:DoJ is now available on Digital HD and the Blu-ray is being released 7/19, so be on the lookout for more behind the scenes goodies, as well as a review of the extended edition coming next month!

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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