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BATTLE: Who Should Be the Next James Bond?


So we know Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes won't be back for another go around with the James Bond franchise, and the producers need to cast a new Bond to keep the legacy alive. Lots and lots of names have been bandied about, so Brandy and I are going to hash this out Battle style!


1. Michael Fassbender


STEVE: Talk about a man who looks good in just about anything, but especially good in a tux, there isn't much Michael Fassbender can't do. He's also everything we want in a Bond: debonair, smooth, handsome, and he can play that I don't give a fuck attitude like few others. He's at home in action, comedy, drama, and big budget spectacle films, so he can do Bond which is a combination of all of those things, and he could probably do it in his sleep at this point. We've already had an Irish Bond as well, so the purists can shut their mouths about his heritage (Irish pride, yo). He'd kill it, honestly, and if not, let him play a Bond villain because this series needs him now more than ever. How about it, Brandy? Think you can top ol' swingin' dick Fassbender?

BRANDY: I am a big fan of Fassbender, and I think that's a pretty solid choice—but I think he'd be a better Bond villain than Bond himself—I feel like Fassbender would be so much fun as a Bond baddie. My first pick is pretty obvious, but it needs to be addressed...


Idris Elba


BRANDY: Idris is an absolutely fantastic actor. He's debonair and charming, all the qualities I think of when I think Bond. He absolutely slays in every role he's in, from Luthor to Heimdall, and he's sexy as hell and a solid choice in an action flick. The man has so much presence, and he's got an edge that would be a breath of fresh air in what I feel is a series of films that have stagnated for a long time. Plus, in a series of lily-white dudes, it'd be nice to see some representation for people of color. Am I just jumping on the bandwagon, Steve? 

STEVE: Not at all. I would love for Elba to play Bond. It would be the first step in the right direction for this franchise, and considering Bond's terrible history with the black community—Live and Let Die anyone?—it would also be a nice way to atone for past sins. Since almost all of my favorite choices for the role are likely too old (Jason Isaacs and Mark Strong are both in their fifties? WHAT?) here's another off the beaten path choice for you...


Matthew Goode


STEVE: At 38, he'd be the youngest Bond by a mile, but there's something about Matthew Goode that says, "he's hiding something." The dude can play that air of mystery better than most, not to mention he's impossibly handsome and debonair, all qualities that go into a perfect Bond. He proved during his time on Downton Abbey that he can play a good guy and a womanizer, two more essential qualities we want in a Bond. Frankly, he's a long shot, but the Bond producers love coming out of left field with their pick (i.e. that time they announced Daniel Craig instead of Clive Owen, whom everyone was certain was going to be the next Bond). Goode could kill it if given the chance. What do you think, Brandy? Am I way off base here?

BRANDY: I've never watched Downton Abbey because I'm not 85, but he's definitely a pretty choice, judging from that photo up there. Since I'm throwing in the "choices who aren't white men" category, here's my next fantasy casting...


Charlize Theron


BRANDY: You want to talk someone who can rock a suit? How about Charlize Theron. She was the best part of Fury Road, and she's stunning, incredibly badass, and a fantastic actress. Her turn in Monster was incredible. I have no doubts that she can play a charming, ruthless Bond... and she could be the best Bond of the entire series. Also, I'd love to see Charlize Theron turn the tables on the more problematic elements of Bond—namely, the latent misogyny and unrepentant womanizing. 

Unless Charlize Theron wants to womanize. That would be okay with me.

Especially if Charlize Theron womanized ME. Could you deal with a girl Bond, Steve?

STEVE: I definitely could, especially if it were Charlize or...


Hayley Atwell


STEVE: The finest female in the MCU—in every sense of the word—if you're looking for someone who kicks ass, takes names, and looks amazing while doing it, look no further than Hayley. Now that the cancellation of Agent Carter has left her in need of employment, this is who I would go after were I producing this film and wanting to do a gender swap. She proved conclusively that she could hold her own in a male dominated world—much like Charlize—and her accent is dead sexy. Seriously, I'm getting aroused just thinking about Hayley as Bond. What do you think, Brandy? Could Hayley pull it off or is she too on the nose for a female Bond?

BRANDY: AUGH. That is probably my new favorite idea so far. She'd be the perfect Bond! Following that up is going to be TOUGH. Atwell would be the perfect Bond! Alright, here's my first white dude candidate:

David Tennant


BRANDY: Between his wacky Doctor in Doctor Who, and his spine-chilling portrayal of Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, the dude has RANGE.  Plus, he's British, and he's weirdly sexy, and Tennant in a Bond film would bring a lot of ladies to the theater.  It's about time we see Tennant in a big feature, too- and Bond would be the perfect vehicle for him. 

I got nothing else.  I think you win with the Atwell idea, Steve.

STEVE: Yeah, she's perfect (le sigh)....


So who did we miss, besides Tom Hiddleston? Sound off in the comments section below about who you want the next Bond to be!

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