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BATTLE: Who Is Donald Glover Playing In Spider-Man?


BRANDY: As we recently reported, Community alum/comedian/hip hop artist Donald Glover is in talks to play a yet-as-unnamed character in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the newest Spider-reboot, starring Tom Holland. So who could he be playing?  Steve and I are going to battle it out. And I think it's pretty obvious...

Miles Morales


BRANDY: The MCU has blended the Ultimate universe and Earth-616 (the main universe) a few times right now.  For example, the Sam Jackson Nick Fury is ripped right from the Ultimate U.  So what character is more suited for Donald Glover than the superhero who was *literally based on him*?  As we mentioned in our article announcing the casting, Bendis based the character of Miles Morales on Glover after an internet petition went around in 2012 pleading for the studios to cast Glover as Spider-Man.  It would make the most sense to me, and also Miles is straight up the best Spider-Man and I want to see that happen.  What do you think, Steve?  Is this wishful thinking on my part?

STEVE: A bit, yeah, but of course that's who we all want him to be playing. On the other hand, I'd also like to see him take a crack at...


The Looter


STEVE: I've always wanted one of these comic book movies to have a cold open fight against a villain that has no bearing on the film to come, much like the James Bond opening sequences. Why not have Glover suit up as a joke of a villain like The Looter for the pre-credits scene? He's been around forever and no one's ever really done anything worthwhile with him. Why not just open with a nice little throwaway adventure before we get into the story proper. Plus it gives him an excuse to get back in touch with Tony Stark for a tech upgrade. What do you think, Brandy? Is this a waste of a role for him?

BRANDY: I love the idea, but Glover is a massive talent, and I'd hate for his talent to be wasted as a throwaway villain. I think he'd be a great supporting character as...

Robbie Robertson


BRANDY: They've skewed Aunt May younger, so why not Robbie?  He's one of Peter/Spidey's only allies at the Bugle, and I think Donald Glover as Robertson in an argument with J. Jonah Jameson could be great.  He's always been more of a serious character, so hopefully if this is the route the studio goes, they'll lighten up the character so Glover can get to bust out those amazing comedic chops of his.  In fact, if they skew Robbie to be more of a superfan of Spider-Man, this could make for some really amazing back-and-forths between him and other characters.  Do you think they could rewrite Robertson enough to make it a good fit for Glover while still pleasing fans, Steve?

STEVE: I do love the idea, but I'm still holding out hope they can get Robert Guillaume out of retirement to play Robertson. I've got a deliciously colorblind casting option for you though...


Eddie Brock/Venom


STEVE: Since the producers of Spider-Man—namely Avi Arad—have such a hard-on for Venom anyway, why not do the character some justice this time around? Eddie Brock was shoehorned into Spider-Man 3 and Topher Grace did what he always does, failed to leave a mark of any kind. If they're going to establish Peter's connection to The Daily Bugle, why not have Glover as senior staff photographer Eddie Brock who feels threatened by Peter and his amazing pics of Spider-Man? Setting something up to pay off down the road is no longer a novel approach, it's more or less expected at this point, so why not do it right and give us an Eddie Brock's with whom we'll instantly connect and actually feel a twinge of sadness when he makes his journey to villainy. What do you think, Brandy? Are you just done with this character on screen altogether?

BRANDY: Actually, Eddie is such a complex character that casting Glover in that role might be gold, since Donald is such a likeable human. In fact, that's the only way I'd like to see Venom done again.  If we're going with supervillains here, though, my vote is for...




BRANDY: Mysterio is one villain who hasn't been done to death, and might make for some fun visuals.  I also love the idea of a supervillain without superpowers- just a super talented human with an axe to grind.  I love villains with vulnerability, and I feel like this is a perfect one- and a great foe to start off the new reboot.  Plus, I want to see Donald Glover do magic.  Wouldn't that be rad, Steve?

STEVE: It would. I love Mysterio and feel we were cheated out of a Bruce Campbell Mysterio when Spider-Man 4 shut down, but I get the feeling he's going to join his Community castmates playing...




STEVE: Unfortunately, there's a precedent that's been set of having Community actors play funny, one-scene cameo roles. From Danny Pudi in Winter Soldier to Jim Rash in Civil War, the Greendale Community College crew has been given short shrift in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While I still think Joel McHale would make an absolutely perfect Booster Gold, I doubt Glover will get much more to do than show up, make us laugh, and then disappear. What do you think Brandy? Am I being too fatalistic about this?

BRANDY: Ugh, I hate it when you say things and I know you're right. And I think you're right in this case. Or maybe his cameo WILL be as Miles Morales.

Fingers crossed!

STEVE: Yours and mine, both. So how about it, true believers? What did we miss? Who do you think Donald Glover will be playing in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Let us know in the comments section below!

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