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BATTLE: Which Actors Should Fill Out the Justice League Lineup?


STEVE: Now that DC's movie universe is up and running—despite not being able to settle on DCCU or DCEU as an anagram—it's time to start thinking ahead. While six of the heavy hitting heroes in the DCU have already been cast and appeared in Batman v Superman, there's still a whole universe to fill out. Brandy and I are taking time out of our busy schedules to do some fantasy casting, and here's who we want to play some of our favorite DC characters on the big screen!


Rachel Weisz/Zatanna


STEVE: My favorite female in the entire DC Universe needs to make it to the big screen at some point, and honestly there's no one I can think of that could play the role better than Oscar winning actress Rachel Weisz. Nearly all of Weisz's post-Mummy franchise work has come in small independent movies, so I think it's time to get her back in the big time. Not only could Rachel pull of the look of the most famous magician in all the Justice League, she's got the range to give the character some depth—provided they give whatever film in which she appears a writer who's worth a damn. Considering the advancing age of most of the heroes in the DCEU, casting someone who isn't a model or making their screen debut is the way to go here, and Rachel Weisz should be the beginning and end of your search. What do you think of Rachel Weisz as Zatanna, Brandy?

BRANDY: Pretty decent casting. I'm not a big Zatanna fan OR a big Rachel Weisz fan, so I'll defer to you on that one. A casting I would go nuts for is..


Stephanie Beatriz/Hawkgirl


BRANDY: I'm a massive Hawkgirl fan—namely, the Hawkgirl that appeared in the JLA cartoon—all violent and hilarious. I know it's a bit typecast-ish to cast Brooklyn 99's resident spitfire, Stephanie Beatriz, as another violent, quick-to-anger woman- but she's SO good at it. Beatriz is one of the most underrated comedic talents in Hollywood right now, and I'd love to see how she does in the superhero-with-a-massive-attitude role. Mostly I just want to see Stephanie Beatriz with a giant morningstar wreaking havok on a bunch of morons.  Would you be down with this, Steve?

STEVE: Indeed I would. She's probably the best thing about Brooklyn 99, and I would love to get some more diverse casting happening. Speaking of which...


Jason Mitchell/Green Lantern (John Stewart)


STEVE: Arguably the best part of last summer's Straight Outta Compton was Jason Mitchell's scene stealing turn as Eazy-E. Then when he turned up in a hilarious role in this year's Keanu, I knew he had the makings of a star. While plenty of names have surrounded this character over the years, seeing him represented on the big screen by someone with such an authentic presence would be phenomenal. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are a lot of actors who could play this role, but my favorite thing about Jason Mitchell is how effortless he makes it all seem. What do you think, Brandy? Do you want a bigger name star to play the third or fourth most famous human member of the Corps?

BRANDY: That's a great one! He was awesome in SOC. Speaking of diversity...


Laverne Cox/Vixen


BRANDY: It's about time Hollywood gives some respect to trans actors and actresses. Laverne has proven her acting chops on Orange Is The New Black, and as New York supermodel-turned-superhero Mari Jiwe McCabe, she has the stature and poise to pull off the role physically. Cox's natural sass and charm would bring a lot of heart to the role, and I absolutely love watching her onscreen. Plus, it would be wonderful for young transwomen to have a superhero they could relate to onscreen. What do you think, Steve? 

STEVE: Perfection! Nice outside the box thinking on that one, she would be an amazing Vixen. Sticking with the ladies for a moment, how about...


Ronda Rousey/Black Canary


STEVE: One of the only positive things I can say about the abysmal Entourage movie is that it proved that Ronda Rousey's got great screen presence. While she—apparently unsuccessfully—lobbied for the role of Captain Marvel, I think DC would be wise to snap her up and have her play Dinah Lance. She's got the build and the fighting ability to convincingly portray this ass-kicking character, and her easy going charm would make her quite unassuming as well. While I agree that it's always better to teach an actor to fight than teach an athlete to act, it's clear that Rousey's got some chops and provided she doesn't suffer from that common athlete acting trying too hard syndrome, I think she's pretty much perfect for the role. What do you think, Brandy? Has Ronda's moment passed?

BRANDY: I love Ronda Rousey. I'm totally down for her in the DCU, though I think she'd be better in a combat-heavy role that would really show off her skills, like Knockout. And speaking of the Female Furies, I'd love to see...


Gwendoline Christie/Big Barda


BRANDY: Barda is one of my favorite characters in the DCU. She's powerful and she's fierce, and her relationship with Mr. Miracle is one of the most awe-inspiring romance stories in comics, and as a fellow tall lady, I love her stature. I'd love to see super-badass Gwendolyn Christie in the role. She's got incredible, powerful screen presence as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones, and she can swing a sword and a punch better than most dudes. Plus, at 6'3", she's almost Barda-sized. I was totally disappointed by the lack of screen time she was given in The Force Awakens, and I'd love to see her redeemed on the big screen by being given a chance in the DCU. What do you think, Steve? Am I just typecasting this due to her size?

STEVE: Yeah, but she's also a total fucking badass who would crush that role, so I'll allow it. As long as we're heading to Jack Kirby's Fourth World, you can't have Big Barda without...


Woody Harrelson/Mister Miracle


STEVE: We know that Woody wants in on this superhero thing, and DC had better snatch him up before Marvel does! I think he'd be perfect as Scott Free aka Mister Miracle, master escape artist and husband to Big Barda. Woody's done the magic thing on screen twice now in the Now You See Me movies, so it seems like a nice transition to playing another such master magician in the DCCU. Woody can do comedy and drama, effortlessly switching between the two: Honestly, tell me anyone else who could appear in The People vs Larry Flint and Kingpin in the same year? What do you think, Brandy? Would you like to see Woody as Scott Free or is he too old for Gwendoline?

BRANDY: I could get down with Woody as Mr. Miracle. I've been only casting women here, so let's go with a guy for the next one. 


Will Yun Lee/Nightwing


BRANDY: I think Will Yun Lee would be perfect in the role. His strong martial arts background and expressive face would make him perfect for Dick Grayson's acrobatic movements, and I really loved him in Witchblade. I know I'm skewing Nightwing a bit older, and even though Bruce Wayne is also older in the current DCU, Lee might still be a bit too old—but I couldn't think of another role he would fit, and I really would love to see his talent join the DCU. Can you think of a better place for Will, Steve?

STEVE: I think it's a great fit for him, and another nice colorblind casting choice! 


Joel McHale/Booster Gold


STEVE: As Chris Pratt proved in Guardians and Paul Rudd proved in Ant-Man, it's better to bulk up a funny actor than it is to teach a musclebound dude how to act, so if they are indeed planning to include Booster Gold in the DCEU, there is no one better to play the role than Joel McHale. Much like Rudd's Ant-Man, Booster Gold could easily be perceived as something of a joke, so having an actor whose second language is biting sarcasm is the best way to go. An actor like McHale would ensure that no one would but Booster Gold would get the last laugh in regards to his character, and that's likely the most crucial element in casting this role. What do you think, Brandy? Would the other Community alums be sad that McHale went to the DCEU rather than the MCU?

BRANDY: 100% behind McHale as Booster Gold. He's literally perfect. My last choice would be...


Christina Hendricks/Power Girl


BRANDY: She's hot. She's sassy. She's got some serious acting chops and proved in mad Men she can run circles around all the boys. Also, she's one of the only actresses whose measurements suit the role. I really want to see Power Girl in a DC film, I've always loved the character (even if the boob window seems really impractical with all that flying—like, has a bird ever gotten caught in there?) Steve?

STEVE: Beyond perfect casting! I don't think I can top that. What do you guys think? Who'd we miss? Which casting choices did we bungle? Which ones did we nail? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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