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'Batman v Superman' Cinematographer Has a Word of Warning About Extended Cut


If you hated Batman v Superman but were operating under the delusion that thirty extra minutes of footage would somehow miraculously make it better, allow the film's cinematographer Larry Fong to break you of that delusion. While fans of the film are sure to be tickled pink by the lenser's Twitter comments about the three-hour fully extended edition, he more or less confirms what we all suspected about this cut of the film. 

According to Comic Book Movie (link below), Fong continued the proud tradition of throwing Zack Snyder under the bus when took to Twitter with the following tease...


If, for whatever reason, you think Fong is just another part of the countless problems plaguing the film, allow me to put your mind at ease with news that the Watchmen and Sucker Punch photog won't be returning for Justice League. While that's not going to mean much of anything to anyone, it's something. And after all, something is better than nothing, right? What were we talking about?

Via Comic Book Movie

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Steve Attanasie

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