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People—or Aliens—Get Burned Up in 'Alien: Covenant'


Despite being quite possibly the stupidest movie since Avatar, 2012's Prometheus was at least nice to look at and well paced. Frankly, the Alien franchise has two masterpieces and a whole bunch of garbage gumming up the works, but I'll admit I'm curious to see where things are heading in Alien: Covenant, mainly because it looks like some people—or potentially aliens—have been burned up!

These new set pics come to us courtesy of The Daily Mail (link below) and were photographed on the Sydney, Australia set of the upcoming sci-fi flick...

Directed by Oscar-nominated Sir Ridley Scott, the long-awaited sequel to 2012's Prometheus appeared to be coming along nicely Down Under as production staff were shown against the backdrop of a grand, otherworldly set piece featuring huge blocks of charred stone and mysterious hieroglyphs.

One heart-stopping image shows around two dozen ashen human forms which are eerily frozen in moments of panic and horror as they desperately clamber up a set of steps.

In another shot taken from a greater distance, there is a more complete view of the set which features three tall stone slabs which obscure the greenery and car park behind. 

Against the industrial background of the quarry, the set of Alien: Covenant (previously known as Prometheus 2) also features some remarkable aged stone edifices which are engraved with hieroglyph-like writing.

Practical sets, despite being cost-prohibitive, are a huge part of the reason Ridley Scott's sci-fi films are among the best in the genre, and this looks to be continuing that tradition. We'll keep you up to date with the latest info as it comes in, and be sure to check out the pics in the gallery below!

Via The Daily Mail

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