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Old Man Logan to Square Off with the Reavers in 'Wolverine 3'?


While there have been a bunch of casting announcements for the third and final Hugh Jackman Wolverine solo film—with everyone from Richard E. Grant to Eriq "Soul Glo" LaSalle joining the cast—but precious little info on who any of these cast members would be playing. Well, it looks like we may have an answer to who Old Man Logan will be facing off against in the film, and they're straight out of comic obscurity.

In a new video posted by Nerdist (link below), they seem to confirm that villainous super team The Reavers—not those Reavers, Firefly fans, relax—will square off against Logan in his final go around...

As we speak, Wolverine 3 is shooting in New Orleans and we know three things for sure. First, it’s R-rated. Second, it’s set in the future! And last, we’re going to see Wolverine facing off against a “relentless, calculating… intense head of security for a global enterprise” original villain played by Boyd Holbrook.

A source close to the production told us that Reavers will be battling old man Logan in Wolverine 3. For newbies to the X-Men, Reavers are a group of cyborgs who’ve operated both as a gang of thieves and an elite military task force. Oh, and they’ve got a history of hatin’ on mutants under the leadership of major X-baddie Donald Pierce. In addition to being half-robot, Pierce allegedly built Reavers to wipe out the mutants and some humans. So he’s a little bit like the X-Men‘s very own Hitler. Fun! As of now, we have two mysterious villains confirmed. First was Boyd Holbrook’s character, and now we know that former Spice Girls manager (in the movie anyway) Richard E. Grant is tied to the movie to play a mad scientist… perhaps Donald Pierce himself?

There are rumors that everyone from First Class villains The Hellfire Club to Mister Sinister's Essex Corporation being the "global enterprise" behind the villainy, so I'm not sure how the Reavers would even fit into this story they seem to have cooking here. We'll find out soon enough if this is legit or bunk, but it wouldn't surprise me either way.

Via Nerdist

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