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More Information on Geoff Johns and The DC Cinematic Universe Shake-Up


DC and Warner Brothers have been engaged in some rapid course correction basically since Batman v Superman came out and underwhelmed in every way possible, but now we've got some new info about the shakeups that have been going on and what they mean for the future of the DC Cinematic Universe.

Geoff Johns & Jon Berg are in charge now


Although he's officially been DC's Chief Content Officer for some time, Warner Brothers made it official this week when they named Geoff Johns and current Executive Vice President Jon Berg the heads of DC Films. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is ostensibly establish similar positions at WB for their other properties like Harry Potter and LEGO, but it also gives Johns and Berg producer credits on both Justice League films, allowing them to wrestle some control back from Zack Snyder...

The studio had high hopes for (Batman v Superman), which pitted its top heroes against each other. The door was opened for director Zack Snyder to be involved in shaping the look and content of the entire DC line, which is scheduled through 2020. But critics and fans ripped into the first pic and especially Snyder for perceived missteps, including its heroes' unheroic behavior and the dark tone.

Also buried in that piece is some info regarding the work Johns has already done on Suicide Squad, particularly its allegedly problematic third act that forced those reshoots in the first place...

And the studio is working to smooth out the third act of Suicide Squad, its big August movie from director David Ayer that could change the perception of its DC line. The pic’s trailers have generated massive positive interest in the all-star actioner that features DC villains, and the studio wants to make sure audiences’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Suicide Squad recently underwent major additional photography (multiple sources say it was not to add humor) to clear up the issues. Sources say it was Suicide Squad that escalated Johns’ involvement in DC movies (he was already co-writing the next Batman stand-alone with Affleck), and he is involved in the film’s postproduction.

At the very least, they let him look at the film before it was released, so that's something. As for Johns himself, he's quite optimistic about the future of DC Films...


Geoff Johns promises hope and optimism 

In his first interview since he was given his new title, Johns tells Vulture that he wants to get away from the gloom and doom of BvS and focus on the more hopeful and relatable parts of these various franchises...

One phrase came out of his mouth over and over again as he talked about DC’s comics: “hope and optimism.” Though Johns would never speak ill of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or its director, Zack Snyder — Johns is nothing if not loyal to the company that made him a star — it’s crystal clear that his vision for DC looks a lot brighter than the much-maligned grimness Snyder provided earlier this year.

DC’s nascent cinematic universe has so far depicted Superman as an angry god; a violent, alien entity that needs to be kept in check. This morning, Johns offered a vastly different take on the character's archetype. “I think people make a mistake when they say, ‘Superman’s not relatable because he’s so powerful,’” he said. “I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me? He’s a farmboy from Kansas who moves to the city and just wants to do the best he can with what he’s got.’ That’s the most relatable character in the world."

At least someone at DC still gets Superman. Let's hope he can convince everyone else. We'll keep you posted with new info as we get it...


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