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Let Your Soul Glo as Eriq La Salle Joins 'Wolverine 3'


Over the last few years, Eriq La Salle has made a nice, quiet transition from emergency room hunk to accomplished television director. Though he still does on camera work, he hasn't done anything as high profile as ER since he left the series in 2001, but that's all about to change as the actor has signed on for an unspecified role in the upcoming third Wolverine film.

According to Variety, La Salle joins the already announced Brit heavy lineup that includes Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, and Hugh Jackman. The film will presumably be based around either Mark Millar's Old Man Logan series or the more recent Death of Wolverine storyline, or both probably as they've already said that they're aiming for an R rating. Still no word on Liev Schreiber's potential involvement either.

While anyone growing up in the 80s will remember him forever as Darryl the Soul Glo guy in Coming to America, La Salle has done some pretty accomplished work over the years, but come on. Every time you see this guy, you can just hear this song playing in your head...

Let's hope Wolverine lets him sit on his new couch, and he gets Soul Glo all over that shit. That could lead to some hard R violence.

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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