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BATTLE: Who Would Make a Better 'Justice League' Villain than Steppenwolf?


The Justice League has a long, proud history in the comics of fighting everyone from inter-dimensional aliens to megalomaniacal business men—and no, for once, we're not talking about Donald Drumpf, yet for their first big screen adventure, they're allegedly set to face off against third-tier villain Steppenwolf. Brandy and I don't cotton to that decision for one moment, so we're going to battle it out to see who would be a better villain for their first mission as a team!



The Female Furies


STEVE: If you're gonna go full-on Fourth World Apokolips, why not give them an actual threat to face off against, like Darkseid's most loyal and lethal force, sworn to protect him and his reign. Led by the ruthless Granny Goodness—a great role for Kathy Bates—Bernadeth, Stompa, Mad Harriet, Lashina, Gilotina, Artemiz, and of course Big Barda would be a threat unlike any we've ever seen on any screen. An all-female team putting men like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and the like, to shame would be a welcome salve for fans betrayed by Zack Snyder's need for just another disposable threat. While it might make things a little too obscure, too fast, it's got the potential to be one of the most wicked showdowns in screen history. Brandy?

BRANDY: Steve, Dude, you just named my all-time favorite team. ESPECIALLY Barda. I have to stop letting you start these battles because you always take the the good ones.  That said, why not...


Maxwell Lord


BRANDY: Who better to team up against than Maxwell Lord? He's a powerful telepath, and he's controlled Superman before. Throw him into his comic book role as the director of the Justice League, only to lead up to his big betrayal reveal, will shake the Justice League to their core. Lord is also able to continue to control an individual even after they realize they've been controlled, which could lead to some really intense moments. Plus, I would have loved to have seen Wonder Woman snap his neck on camera—that intense scene in Countdown To Infinite Crisis is probably one of my favorite scenes in comics. Steve?

STEVE: Not bad. I think going the reverse Nick Fury route would be an interesting way to take things, meaning they're not likely to do it. This do anything for you?


Dr. Light


STEVE: If you've read Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales' brilliant Identity Crisis, then you already know that this is one sick and twisted dude, and if there's anything Zack Snyder seems to get a major boner for, it's sick and twisted shit. While he certainly doesn't exude the air of someone that would make Batman feel it necessary to assemble the Justice League in the first place, his unassumingness is part of his brilliance as a JL villain. In his first appearance, he nearly foiled the league by sending them to planets where their abilities were useless, and while splitting up the Justice League in their first endeavor might not be the best route to go, Dr. Light defines the phrase "never underestimate your opponent." What do you think, Brandy? Does Arthur here bring anything other unwanted sexual advances to the table?

BRANDY: Ugh. Hopefully Snyder just doesn't know about Dr. Light, because we all know how Snyder loves rape stories. I feel like Dr. Light in Snyder's hands would make the Justice League movie nigh-unwatchable. This next one is a long shot, but I'm only including him because I love him so much...

Solomon Grundy


BRANDY: As villains go, Grundy is both a fearsome foe, with a lot of power—he's nearly indestructible—and the dude just won't stay dead! Grundy is also misunderstood and adorable. Zack Snyder makes me kind of hate all his heroes, the least he could do is give me a reason to root for a villain. Plus, Cyrus Gold's origin story is dark enought to appeal to Snyder's tastes. I'd love to see a scene with Grundy rampaging, Hulk-like, through Metropolis, with the JLA getting bowled over one by one until he meets Wonder Woman and stops dead in his tracks, because Grundy becomes a kitten in the presence of pretty girls—his interplay with Hawkgirl in the JLA Unlimited animated series is one of my favorite parts of the show. What do you think, Steve? Is Grundy too much like Hulk for this to be a good choice? 

STEVE: I happen to think it's a great choice, but believe me when I tell you they wouldn't include him because he's too much like the Hulk. I think it's more "he doesn't fit into the super realistic and grounded" Snyder-verse. These guys, on the other hand...


Crime Syndicate


STEVE: We know that The Flash is traveling through space and time via boom tubes, so let's imagine a scenario in which evil versions of the major DC heavy hitters show up from another dimension. Granted Power Ring might have to be swapped out for an evil Aquaman type since Green Lantern is still in movie jail, but you give us Ultraman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, and especially Owlman in a head to head battle with their Justice League counterparts, that might actually be fun to watch. Fun! Imagine that! I know this one's far fetched, but I would have said the same thing about Steppenwolf six months ago. I think I'm spent, you got anything left in the tank, Brandy?


Legion of Doom


BRANDY: It would never happen (you think Grundy is a hard sell with Snyder's grit-iverse? Try Grundy teamed up with Bizarro, Giganta, Captain Cold, an evil android, and a motherfucking gorilla), but it would be amazing. The LoD is one of my favorite supervillain team-ups. But I'm just dreaming at this point, because if there's one thing Zack Snyder hates, it's fun. 

STEVE: Agreed, that would be amazing. Which means we won't see any of it. (Heavy sigh) Steppenwolf. 

Alright, who do you want to see as the villain in Justice League more than Steppenwolf? Who did we miss? Whose arguments were more persuasive? Let us know in the comments section below!

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