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BATTLE: Who Should Play Cable?


So by now, most people have heard that Ron Perlman has thrown his hat in the ring to play Cable in Deadpool 2.  Is Ron the right choice, or is there a better option?  Let's take a look at who could KILL it as Cable. 


1.  Ron Perlman


BRANDY: Honestly, I'm Team Ron.  I loved him as Hellboy, and I love him as Cable- the grizzled foil for Deadpool.  Ron's sheer size and facial structure make him perfect for Cable, and he's a wonderful actor.  I'd love to see a Cable spinoff, and if you're a Cable fan, you know that he's had...well, a rough life, between the techno-organic virus and being the son of the Goblin Queen and the bigges tdouche in comics and all.  Perlman is an excellent dramatic actor as well as an action hero and a comedic genius, and he specializes in hard-edged characters like Cable.  I can't think of anyone more perfect for the role.  What do you think, Steve?

STEVE: I love Ron Perlman. Love him! He seems a little on the nose for this one though, so I'm gonna throw my first ballot behind a guy in need of Marvel redemption...


2. Michael Chiklis


STEVE: Vic muthafuckin' Mackie here got his first shot at Marvel glory by playing Ben Grimm in the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four flicks, but that's not how we want to remember him is it—looking less faithful to the character than the shitty Roger Corman Thing did? Hell, his FF co-star Chris Evans got his shot at Marvel redemption a scant four years after playing Johnny Storm. Deadpool is a resurrection franchise, thanks to Ryan Reynolds finally hitting paydirt as a comic book character, and it would be a great place for Chiklis to get his. Slap a rug on him and tell me he couldn't be the gruff, growly, seen-it-all badass Cable needs to be. Since I know that's not about to end the argument, who else have you got Brandy?


3. Dolph Lundgren


BRANDY: Speaking of people who have played Marvel characters who should get a shot at redemption, c'mon. 1990's The Punisher was awful, as are a lot of Lundgren films- (Masters of the Universe, anyone?), and I feel like Lundgren needs another shot. Grizzled, scary warrior-giant Dolph Lundgren—the guy whose house famously got burglarized before the burglars realized whose house they were robbing and ran away, presumably with very soiled undergarments—as Cable? He's perfect. Sure, his range leaves a little to be desired, and I don't know if Lundgren could pull off the inevitable Cable spinoff, but the whole thing would be worth it to see the interplay between him and Ryan Reynolds, which is guaranteed to be comedy GOLD. Your turn, Steve.

STEVE: I love Dolph, despite his association with the tainting of my favorite pop culture phenomenon, and would love to see him in this role, if for no other reason than to keep him from making shitty direct to DVD sequels no one was asking for. However, I've got another ace up my sleeve no one's mentioned yet...


4. Mel Gibson


STEVE: Yeah, I know. I know. Believe me, I know, but come on! This is Mad Motherfucking Max we're talking about here. Mel's primed for a real comeback and this would be the biggest comeback of them all. Mel's already turned down one role in the MCU, but in all honesty, he probably wasn't right for Odin anyway. Cable, on the other hand, would be the perfect character to bring back the crazy, unhinged Mel we all loved in Lethal Weapon, Mad Max, and just about every role he played before he was famous. I don't know if he'd be interested, but I think if Marvel sent him a care package full of Cable comics, he might just be persuaded to suit up. How about it, Brandy? Any other dark horse contenders on your list?

BRANDY: Ooh, Mel Gibson. I have to admit, even though I loathe the guy, he might be an interesting pick for Cable—and having him on set might make for even more interesting commentary. My dark horse pick would be...


5. Christopher Meloni


BRANDY: Okay, so physically he doesn't look much like Cable, but the dude is scary as fuck, and he's incredibly funny in a very intimidating way. I think his straight-man Cable would really work with Reynolds. Got any more for me, Steve?

STEVE: I love Chris Meloni, and would kill for him to play Cable so long as H. Jon Benjamin is the voice of Baby Hope. I've got one more super duper long shot that would be awesome...


6. Viggo Mortensen


STEVE: How has no one cast him in a superhero movie yet? I know he's likely been offered roles and turned them down, but if he wanted to jump aboard a franchise pic, this would be the way to do it. He may not have the stature required for Cable, but he's got gravitas, and that's enough for me. Anyone else you're itching to see get a shot at this role, Brandy?

BRANDY: Oooh, Viggo would be a good one!  My last one here is...


7. Mickey Rourke, but wearing his Marv Prosthetics from Sin City


BRANDY: Why? See picture above. DAMN, SON.

STEVE: Damn son, indeed. I think that's as close to a gavel as we're gonna get on this conversation. Did we miss anyone? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

Brandy dawley

Brandy Dawley

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