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BATTLE: Which Females Should Show Up In The Solo Harley Quinn Flick?


We learned earlier this week that DC is making a solo Harley Quinn film with a lot of female characters from the DCU. It is rumored to be penned by a yet-as-unnamed female scriptwriter, and Robbie herself will be producing. With all the critical missteps DC has made in their cinematic franchises so far, this seems like a much-needed step in the right direction for the company—they've come under a lot of fire for the lack of female representation and systemic misogyny films like BvS have put out there. So which characters do we want to see in the new Harley film? I have a LOT of picks (I love DC ladies), but I'll start with the most obvious "duh" one:


Poison Ivy


BRANDY: You can't have an all-girl DC film that centers around Harley without her relationship with Ivy. Ivy's relationship with Harley is one of the most complex, nuanced, sweet girl-girl relationships in comics today. Harley Quinn's writers, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, have confirmed that Harley and Ivy's relationship is canonically bisexual and non-monogamous. Harley and Ivy's relationship is one of the sweetest in comics. This is a chance for DC to really take serious steps in moving forward politically and jumping the superhero gun in providing some much-needed representation to a section of the LGTBQ community that doesn't get a lot of representation- bisexual and pansexual people. Bi-erasure is a serious issue, and Ivy and Harley's relationship could be pretty groundbreaking... if done respectfully and thoughtfully.

That said, if, say, Michael Bay or Softboy Michael Bay (otherwise known as Zack Snyder) get their grubby little misogynist hands anywhere near the project, I'm firebombing an Axe body spray factory in vengeance. Steve? What have you got for us?

STEVE: Poison Ivy is a great choice, and a Batman villain who's long overdue for a big screen mulligan. I've got a special lady I've always wanted to see on the big screen, however...




STEVE: My ex-wife did a show in college where she wore a costume just like the one Zatanna wears and thus began my love affair with Zatanna. Though she's had several looks throughout her history, her most iconic look—represented here by an amazing piece of Adam Hughes art—is the way to go for her first big screen appearance. Since we know that Suicide Squad will, at the very least, be dealing with magic, that's the perfect opportunity to add Zatanna to the DCEU. She's always been one of the more complex characters in the entire DC Universe, and seeing her on the big screen would be an unparalleled joy. What do you think, Brandy? There's so many different ways to go with this...

BRANDY: I want ALL the DC ladies in this one. In fact, Harley is the character in this that I am *least* looking forward to seeing—Harley has never been a favorite of mine. But I would LOVE to see Gotham City Sirens onscreen—it's one of my favorite comic series. So I guess that means we need...




BRANDY: Real talk: the Catwoman movie was horrible, but I love most other incarnations of the character, and I'm always delighted when I see Selina brought to the big screen.  Is she over-used and a bit played out? Maybe, but she's one of the three core members of Gotham City Sirens with Harley and Ivy, and it's SUCH a good storyline that I'd be thrilled if that's where the writers of the film pulled inspiration from. Catwoman is a really accessible character, and the three of them teaming up would bring a lot of girls into the theater. I want my super-sisterly bonding film! Steve?

STEVE: I love Selina Kyle and always love seeing what a different actress will do with that character, but I'm gonna stick with females we haven't seen on screen before and go with... 




STEVE: So there's gotta be a Bat-related hero in this one, and while my first instinct was to go with another character I adore, Batwoman Kate Kane, I've always loved Huntress. One of the first series I ever subscribed to, as a ten-year old, was The Huntress by Joey Cavalieri and Joe Staton. I still have those original 19 issues somewhere, but this reboot of the character became the definitive version for me. I'll never forget that in that series, Batman was actually afraid of her, terrified that she didn't exercise enough control over herself and her tendency toward resolving conflicts with violence. The fact that she has yet to appear on the big screen in any capacity is very disappointing to me, as she is a kick ass woman who can handle herself in the most dangerous city in DC Comics lore. What do you think, Brandy? Would you prefer Kate Kane, or even Cassie Kane, or another villainess?

BRANDY: Augh- I love *ALL* the Bat-ladies!  But I guess my vote would have to be with...




Specifically, Batgirl of Burnside.  I love New-52 era younger Babs Gordon, and she's adorable, topical, and accessible to fans of all ages.  I think casting a younger, earnest, "little sibling" type character worked so well for Spider-Man in Civil War, and I feel like DC could definitely use a little lightening up.  Plus, out of any of the characters, her costume would translate the most effortlessly onto the big screen, in my opinion.  Having a younger character thrown into a cast of grown women would add some dimension and interesting interactions between the characters, too.  What do you think, Steve?  Would throwing Babs in here as the younger version, as opposed to Oracle, be the right way to go?

STEVE: Yeah, I would hate for her first big screen introduction to be post-Killing Joke, but I'd honestly just be glad to have her on screen in any capacity. I'll go long with my next one, who I'm fairly certain they'll never do but I think would be awesome...


Phantom Lady


STEVE: I admittedly have a nerd boner for the Quality Comics roster of characters that have been brought under DC's umbrella over the years, particularly Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. A key member of that team has been Phantom Lady, a gorgeously designed character,whom we've already kinda seen on screen thanks to Watchmen's Silk Spectre I, but that's a bit of a stretch. There have been several incarnations of the character over the years, and while Sandra Knight will always be my preferred version, I'd be happy with any incarnation of this classic character.

Alright Brandy, step outside the Bat-universe of characters for a moment and pitch me your dream addition to this team...


Big Barda


If we're going long shots, I'm going with Barda. My favorite of the Furies and probably my favorite DC character overall, Barda has had an interesting history and is probably one of the only superheroes to have a functioning relationship. She's powerful, badass, and hilarious in the right moments, and the team needs a warrior—a strong, tough blunt object designed for destruction and DPS. Barda is probably one of the toughest women DC's got.  

STEVE: Agreed across the board, she's one of my favorites too. Since this movie is starting to look whiter than a Donald Drumpf rally, allow me to pitch one final character that could bring some diversity to the cast...





STEVE: When I saw that the new line of DC Super Hero Girls toys included Bumblebee in the first wave, I thought that was a great indicator that lesser known characters might finally start getting their due. It makes perfect sense to bring Karen Beecher into the DCEU, either as a Teen Titan or, be still my heart, a member of the Doom Patrol. Honestly I'm just looking for any excuse to get one of my favorite comic teams on the big screen. Bumblebee checks off a number of boxes, all of which make her a terrific candidate for the team.

BRANDY: Those are our picks, what are yours?  Let us know in the comments!


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Brandy Dawley

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