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'X-Men Apocalypse' Director Bryan Singer Delivers Some Cryptic Musings on that Wolverine Cameo


Bryan Singer, aka Paunchy Paul Rudd, has a thing or two to say about that Wolverine cameo that popped up in the latest trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse. Unfortunately it's nothing but a bunch of cryptic mumbo jumbo that won't make a lick of sense until we actually see the god damned movie, but like virtually everything Singer has to say, it's a fun read.

Empire (link below) tracked the director down after the trailer debuted yesterday and he was willing to share his thoughts provided those thoughts came swaddled in a layer of obfuscation guaranteed to help him avoid both the wrath of the studio and the fans...

“Make of that what you want,” he pokerfaces. “I will say, it’s not simple. There’s something more pivotal that occurs with that. It hints to a sequence that again fits within the canon of all six movies, and the birth of a new direction. It’s not insignificant, nor is it simply just a throw-in.” So, will we find out to whom the claws belong? “It’s not the only shot you’re gonna see, let’s put it that way.” Well, that’s just put the Wolverine among the pigeons.

Well I would certainly fucking hope not, especially as this isn't a DC movie and they're not just going to depict their most popular character with one shot of the dude's arm in the frame. Singer had a few other choice things to reveal about the trailer, namely what all the chaos is that's happening in the final few moments of the trailer...

“We never like to digress into fights for the sake of fights,” he explains. “I always like to give conflicts purpose. And visually, who would be a nice match? Whose powers complement each other in battle? To have Cyclops trying to pin Storm, who can fly, it makes for some really wild imagery that I haven’t seen before.”

And the evolution of Apocalypse's voice...

“He’s bearing the souls, as we say, of many lives and many characters,” explains Singer. “He has contained within him many voices, but he chooses one primarily. Sometimes he’ll lapse into other kinds of voices, all taken from various ranges and tones.” To achieve this, Singer and his sound department turned Isaac into a half-man, half-microphone. “We had a bass mic to his right cheek, a bass drum mic to his left cheek, and a normal Sennheiser that records the primary dialogue. I was able to take all those voices and augment them. But this isn’t the final mix. It’s getting closer to how he’s going to sound.”

I imagine that work will continue right up until the May 27 release date.

Via Empire

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