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Underrated Character Actor Richard E. Grant Joins 'Wolverine 3' as "Mad Scientist Type"


It's getting harder and harder to find underrated British character actors these days as they keep getting snapped up by various comic book and fantasy properties and thrust into the spotlight. One of the last men standing has just been snapped up as well, as Richard E. Grant has just signed to play a "mad scientist type" in the upcoming third and final Wolverine solo film. As anyone who has seen Grant in Hudson Hawk, Spice World, or Withnail & I will tell you, he's the perfect guy to play a mad scientist type. Those who only know him from Downton Abbey now have a homework assignment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (link below), Grant will likely be a secondary villain to the previously announced Boyd Holbrook. Holbrook is listed as playing Hugh Jackman's arch nemesis—presumably a public willing to accept him for who he really is. The "mad scientist" bit indicates that they may be going the "Death of Wolverine" route from Marvel's very recent past, where Wolverine's travels bring him to the door of Dr. Cornelius, the mad who created the Weapon X program. This is just a guess, but come on, you know that's what it'll end up being, right? Neither of Wolverine's solo movies have been very good—yeah, The Wolverine wasn't bad, but it wasn't good—but with this one shooting for an R-rating and adding cast members like Richard E. Grant (and fingers crossed) Liev Schreiber, it's got the potential to be the best film in the series, which would make it like the fourth or fifth best X-Men movie. So that's something, right?

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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