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The Finn/Rey Relationship Is All Because Of Harrison Ford—And His Injury, According to JJ Abrams

If Harrison Ford wasn't so accident-prone, we may have gotten a very different—and less Finn/Rey centric—version of The Force Awakens. Turns out that the initial scenes on the Millennium Falcon set with Rey and Finn weren't flowing properly, and it wasn't until a chunk of the Falcon fell on Ford's leg and they were forced to take a few weeks off, in which time Abrams rewrote the Finn/Rey dynamic, that the relationship between the two started to flow better.


According to IGN (link below), Abrams said at the Tribeca Film Festival...

“When I was on the set of the Millennium Falcon and we started to do work with Rey and Finn, the first time we did it, it didn’t work at all. It was much more contentious. I didn’t direct it right. It was set up all wrong, and when Harrison Ford got injured—which was a very scary day—we ended up having a few weeks off, and it was during that time that I really got to look at what we had done and rewrite quite a bit of that relationship. So when we came back to work again, we actually just reshot from the ground up, those scenes. It was an amazingly helpful thing to get these two characters to where they needed to be.”

I'm glad things worked out, but disappointed to find out the Millennium Falcon IS a hunk of junk.  I have a lot of confusing feelings.

via IGN

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Brandy Dawley

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