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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Honest Trailer for Lovers and Haters Alike


I'm still baffled that people don't like The Force Awakens, especially because it's as close as we'll ever get to a Spielberg-directed Star Wars flick. This is one of the many points raised in this dueling Honest Trailer from the good folks over at Screen Junkies. There's even a brief audio appearance from Mr. Plinkett, the definitive authority on the Star Wars prequels, so keep your ears peeled. 

I get a lot of these gripes, I really do, but I don't think a single one of them detracts one bit from the film's enjoyment. It's a rip-roaring Star Wars yarn whose only mention of politics involves the heart of the galactic senate being reduced to dust. I think prequel haters can take solace in a lot of little moments like that and the first spoken line in the film as solid indications that we're not going to repeat any of those same mistakes here. Prequel apologists, however, can also take comfort in the fact that nothing was jettisoned from a continuity standpoint between the three trilogies, which is something, right?

I don't subscribe to the notion that if you hate The Force Awakens, you hate Star Wars, but you definitely hate fun. If your problems with the film overwhelm your enjoyment of it, you're watching it wrong. You want to hate it, and you'll find plenty of ammo, but it all comes at the expense of getting swept up in a fun space adventure, which was the one thing that all three prequels were sorely lacking. Hate it if you must, but just know you're a dick.

Via Screen Junkies

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