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I mean it when I say that if this turns out to be true, you're going to wish you didn't read it. Just warning you one last time before you read any further...


Still here? Okay. Here's the thing, there's no way of knowing if this is 100% accurate just yet. This one was getting a little too loud to ignore, however, and hopefully Rian Johnson or Mark Hamill or Daisy Ridley will get online today and confirm that this is total horse shit and we can go back about our business. Just know this, once you read this, you can't un-know any of it. Consider this your final warning. 

According to Comic Book Movie (link below), this was posted to Reddit, which of course makes it super dodgy, but the leaked plot of Episode VII from around this same time in its development also came from a Reddit user and was mostly spot-on with how the third act of the film eventually played out. Here's what this user claims is the big twist of Episode VIII and Rey's true identity...

The backstory to Luke and his Jedi being wiped out is that Snoke seduced Kylo and a few of the other students to the dark side and tasked them with killing everyone. Luke and a few others survived, including a young Rey who was subsequently dumped on Jakku by Luke.
Rey's mom died in the attack.
Rey is pissed at Luke because she guesses that he was her father and is angry at him for abandoning her. Luke turns to her and says "No, you are my father".
Yes, really.
Rey is the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker. Luke went to the first Jedi temple to better understand how the process works. He learned that the spirit of the chosen one is reincarnated by the Force every time the universe is thrown out of balance, which apparently happens on a semi-regular basis (Anakin was hardly the first time the chosen one reincarnated). This is why she's so crazy powerful with the Force (remember that Anakin blew up the Trade Federation donut ship by himself when he was like 8 years old).
Rey was the product of a virgin birth, but midichlorians aren't mentioned (Luke says "you are a child of the Force").
Luke is hesitant to train her because, according to Jedi history, the chosen one always struggles with staying on the light side of the Force because of the chaotic power running through them. He's afraid that she could become Vader 2.0. If he trains her to fight Kylo, and she turns dark, she would do way more damage to the galaxy than Kylo could ever dream of doing.
He ultimately trains her anyway and leaves everything up to the Force. He makes this decision in a scene where he confers with the ghosts of Obi-Wan and Yoda (Ewan MacGregor and Frank Oz come back).
Rey learns lightsaber skills, Force skills, and has a vision quest thing where she talks with Maz Kanata (unsure if it’s telepathy or just a dream) and Hayden Christenson (sic). The latter tells her that she is him, but different, and there’s a quick scene where we see hundreds of other Force ghosts who are implied to be past chosen ones.
So yeah, who knows if this is true, but it's certainly unexpected. I imagine it could be completely plausible, and it's left field enough that they could sell it. If it is true, I'm glad I found out today, since it gives me roughly 600 days to get used to the idea. Kinda wish you hadn't read that too, don't you? Yeah, I get it. I totally get it. You had to know, but now you're angry that you do. Don't say I didn't warn you though.

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