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New Trailer for 'Bourne Again' or Whatever the Shit this Bourne Sequel is Called


The Bourne movies are decent. I own the first three, don't think I've watched them in close to a decade at this point though. Nevertheless, a lot of people are jacked for Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass' upcoming return to the franchise, and now there's an official trailer to accompany that Super Bowl spot we got nearly three months ago.

This time, Bourne's gotta contend with Oscar winning It-Girl Alicia Vikander, as well as Vincent Cassel, the absolute best guy in the business for playing slimy Eurotrash villains. Also, Jeremy Renner's nowhere to be found, so double bonus. Looks like more of the same though, chases, shaky cam, walking around talking on a cell phone, yelling into a cell phone, standard stuff. They're hitting all the big beats. The film opens on July 25.

Via Universal Pictures on YouTube

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