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Mark Hamill Finally Gets Some Dialogue, And It's To Promote Force For Change

This is adorable. Mark Hamill and Lucasfilm prez Kathleen Kennedy shot this way cute video for the charity campaign Force For Change, and Luke finally gets some lines:

Star Wars fans have until Star Wars Day (May 4th, duh) to donate CrowdRise.com/ForceForChange, and each donation will be matched, cent for cent, up to 1 million bucks. Not only will you be helping out a slew of great charities, like Unicef, the Children's Wish Foundation, and Boys and Girls Club of America, but there are tons of great prizes to be won- including the grand prize, an all-expense paid trip to Ireland, including Skellig Michael, the location of the "dear god Luke please just take this damned lightsaber from me already my arm is getting tired and I feel super awkward just standing here with you staring at me TAKE THE FUCKING LIGHTSABER ALREADY PLEASE" final scene from The Force Awakens. (Uh, spoilers, btw).

As a cosplayer, you could do some really rad shoots there, plus Ireland has great beer, so you should go donate. Or don't. More chances to win for me.

Brandy dawley

Brandy Dawley

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