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Jon Favreau Returns to the MCU as Executive Producer of 'Infinity War'


As John Lennon once said, time wounds all heals, and nowhere is that more true than in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having helped to establish the tone, certainly for the character of Iron Man if not the entire MCU, Jon Favreau had a huge role in shaping what's become Marvel's signature style. The studio then wore him down with increasing demands for connectivity during the making of Iron Man 2, and he took a much needed break. Now it looks like he'll be taking a more active role in ushering the future of the MCU into being by jumping aboard Avengers: Infinity War as an Executive Producer.

In the lead-up to The Avengers, he was mentioned many times as the obvious choice to direct the film, but like so many other directors in the MCU, Favreau was worn down by Marvel's demands on Iron Man 2, and took more of a consultant role as Executive Producer on both Avengers films and Iron Man 3. It makes sense that he would continue this trend with Infinity War, but how active his role would be was something of a question mark, considering the director is back to being in demand thanks to his smash success with The Jungle Book—which is spectacular, by the way, go see it. The actor turned director had this to say about Infinity War in a recent interview with Digital Spy...

"I'm going to be executive producing the Avengers films with the Russo brothers, which I'm very excited about," Favreau told Digital Spy recently. "I talk to them about it all the time. I've worked both in front of and behind the camera with Marvel and I really love what they're doing right now. It's a really exciting time to be over there. I've seen a rough cut of Civil War and it's fantastic. We're constantly looking for things to do together. And now I'm freed up."

But how about returning to the director's chair, Favs? 

"I've spent a big chunk of my career working on that already. All new titles are coming out now. I'm actually surprised I don't feel that way about The Jungle Book already, but with Iron Man, I'd done two back to back. My time was completely monopolised (sic) for those years and I wanted allowed to explore other things. Part of the fun of having a successful movie is you get a lot of say on what your next project is. Sometimes you want to leave yourself open to other opportunities instead of another four or five years maybe working on that franchise."

Alright, alright, we get it. I'll be honest, though, I'd rather watch Iron Man 2 than any of the Thor movies, Iron Man 3, or Age of Ultron, and it's not just because of my undying love for Sam Rockwell. Okay, it's partially that.

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