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Hey Marvel! Give These Five Directors a Shot


In Hey Marvel! I get Marvel's full fucking attention and I tell them what's what. Actually, I make suggestions that they're likely to ignore, until they don't anymore, at which point I look like a genius. In this edition, we're taking a look at five directors that Marvel should give a shot. What do I mean by that, exactly? Well, these are directors who either have shaky reputations, inconsistent output, or don't have a high enough profile to get on Marvel's radar. Here are five directors who fit that criteria, all of whom could do a bang up job with the right Marvel property.


1. Alex Proyas


After directing two of the most stylish and unique films of the 90s, Alex Proyas more or less couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. Even the commercially successful films he made like I, Robot had little, if anything, to do with him being behind the camera. His latest film, Gods of Egypt, was a disaster, but at least proved that he knows his way around modern visual effects spectacles. Something tells me that his artist heart still beats beneath his beaten down façade, and he could once more direct a great film like Dark City. Marvel seems like a great place for him to do that.

PROS: The Crow and Dark City are all any cv need to be taken seriously. Hates film critics.

CONS: Everything since Dark City has been varying degrees of terrible. Hates film critics.

Should Probably Direct: Whatever Captain America movie follows Infinity War, the one where either Anthony Mackie or Sebastian Stan take over for Chris Evans.


2. Jennifer Kent


If you haven't seen The Babadook, you're missing out on one of the best horror flicks of the last few years. While everyone was busy ranting and raving about It Follows, they were simultaneously missing out on this much scarier, much better film. Director Jennifer Kent gets brilliant performances out of her two leads, and she does so much with so little, relying on atmosphere more than special effects. It's no more drastic a leap for her to move to the MCU than it was for What We Do in the Shadows' Taika Waititi to land Thor: Ragnarok.

PROS: Directed a hell of a film with a strong female protagonist. Has style to spare.

CONS: Only has one feature film to her name right now. May not even want to direct one.

Should Probably Direct: The Black Widow solo film, which needs to happen in Phase IV Marvel, for cereal.


3. Catherine Hardwicke


Okay, so her last few movies haven't been very good—I mean, did anyone even see Red Riding Hood?—but female directors are something the MCU needs more of. If you overlook her recent stumbles and focus on her early work, there's some really good stuff on display. She's also proven herself good with young actors—Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, even Twilight—and that's going to be an asset in upcoming films as we begin to see more young adult fare coming to the superhero world with movies like New Mutants.

PROS: Female director with solid visual style. Good with young actors.

CONS: Her career tailspin since leaving the Twilight series has yet to really stop. 

Should Probably Direct: The presumed Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. I'd love to see a Spider-Man film directed by a woman.


4. Baz Luhrmann


Here's a dude that can do spectacle like few others. Sure it's excessive and tacky and gaudy, but what about superhero films isn't? And no, this won't be another Joel Schumacher-esque debacle, Marvel wouldn't let that happen. Give him something strange and esoteric like Inhumans and just let him go as nuts as Marvel lets anyone go nuts and see what happens. Worst case scenario, you fire him and end up with another Ant-Man, which is still totally fun and watchable despite having a much better movie buried somewhere in its DNA. 

PROS: Can handle chaos, visual madness, and 3D better than most other directors out there right now.

CONS: Might end up sticking to his guns to his own detriment, a la Edgar Wright and Ant-Man.

Should Probably Direct: Inhumans. Seriously, you guys clearly don't know what to do with that property. Give it to Baz, let him surprise you.



5. Joe Wright


So he's coming off a big time flop with last year's derided Pan, but Joe Wright is one of the most stylish directors around and he knows a thing or two about working with limitations. This is the guy who filmed Anna Karenina like it was a stage play. Sticking to a strict set of confines is kinda what he does best, and if you've seen his 2011 film Hanna, you know that the dude can shoot action. He's kind of the perfect candidate to join the MCU, honestly, so he must not want to direct a Marvel movie.

PROS: Knows how to balance style and substance. Directed Hanna, which is fucking awesome. 

CONS: Probably doesn't want to do it. Given to Luhrmann-esque heights of nonsense like using "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as a sing along. 

Should Probably Direct: Captain Marvel. Seriously, that movie needs a director, like, yesterday. 

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