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'Batman v Superman' Ultimate Edition Running Time Revealed


While the marketing team certainly bungled this thing by dubbing it the "Ultimate Edition" rather than the "Fully Extended Edition," a longer cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of the Dead is on its way with the originally promised additional thirty minutes of material.

While it's doubtful the expansive 181 minute running time will make this a better film, perhaps it will make it more coherent since Zack Snyder's philosophy was confirmed to be "shoot as much as possible and we'll figure it out later." I'll admit that I'm willing to give it a shot, despite knowing that I'll immediately regret it, especially since I imagine the third act will be mostly identical. They're not going to make that final Doomsday fight any longer than it already is, though I imagine some of the R-rated additions will come in the big fight as well as Batman's rescue of Martha Kent. 

I will say that the one thing I hope we get more of is Jesse Eisenberg.

Via Comic Book Movie

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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