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An Extended Look at DC Animation's 'Batman: The Killing Joke'


Most fans were instantly sold when news first broke that Batman: The Animated Series alumni Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill would be back to voice Batman and The Joker respectively in the new animated film of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's groundbreaking graphic novel The Killing Joke. Now we're getting an extended first look at the film and it looks like it was worth every ounce of the hype.

While there are back and forth arguments about whether or not The Killing Joke is considered DC canon, two things from the graphic novel have been incorporated into dozens upon dozens of DC titles since then: Joker's backstory and the paralyzing of Barbara Gordon. While the latter has certainly become a much more polarizing fact in the last few years, it's virtually impossible to ignore Babs' contributions to the DC canon as Oracle, a character created in the wake of Killing Joke. There were even rumors that Jena Malone was playing an Oracle-inspired Barbara Gordon in Batman v Superman, though it looks like we're going to have to wait for the extended DVD to find out for sure.

All of these are arguments for another time, though, as we should just drink in this 10 minute extended preview and hope that DC announces a release date for it soon.

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