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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Talks to Jimmy Kimmel About Fanboys' Reaction to Her Breasts


Steel yourselves for a hasty generalization... Fanboys can be among the most vile and hateful people on earth, and I know it's not all fanboys, but the ones who do this are so vicious, they give the entire fanboy community a bad rap. It should come as no surprise, then, that the biggest thing Gal Gadot took away from the reveal of her Wonder Woman in the new Batman v Superman trailer, was the fanboy criticism over the size of her breasts.

While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, Kimmel mentioned that he'd already seen the film and Gadot's retort is, "What do you think about my breasts?" She goes on to clarify...

"I'll tell you why, okay? It sounds weird... I was joking, and it might be a bad joke, but... I thought you were leading to the fact that a lot of the comic fans had a lot to say about my breasts."

She then went on to tell an anecdote about her first costume fitting where she was so excited and grateful for the role that she neglected to tell the designers that she couldn't breathe because the suit was so tight. So just remember fanboys, superheroes are people too. Trust me, you want a proportional Wonder Woman, not one whose breasts impede her ability to fight Doomsday or whatever. 

Via Jimmy Kimmel Live! on YouTube

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