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Marvel Wants Girls to Science the Shit Out of the World


Someone's got to give a shit about science these days, it's basically the only thing separating us from Trump voters. Leave it to Marvel, of all people, to launch an initiative for high school girls interested in pursuing a degree in science. The “Girls Reforming the Future Challenge” is open to female high school students age 15-18, and is encouraging them to submit their ideas for how to change the world. 

In the above video, posted by USA Today, Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Emily VanCamp (Sharon Carter) introduce the program and its many facets...

“Girls Reforming the Future Challenge” is geared toward female applicants who are interested in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) projects and share the same goals as the Avengers on screen: “the commitment to safeguard humanity, protect the earth at all costs and make the world a better place for future generations.”

Five finalists will be picked to travel to California to present their projects to a panel of experts, and they’ll also receive an invitation to hit the red carpet at the Civil War world premiere at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre April 12, a tour of Walt Disney Studios and a $500 saving account from Synchrony Bank.

In addition, one girl will be selected for the grand prize: an internship at Marvel Studios.

“I’m really excited to meet these exceptional young women who have STEM backgrounds and who maybe also want to be part of more of a creative- and science-based world,” Olsen says. “And Marvel’s a perfect place for that.”

Entries will be accepted through March 26. For applications and more information about the program, visit CaptainAmericaChallenge.com.

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