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It Looks Like Every Comic Book Movie This Year Will Run Two and a Half Hours


You can thank Chris Nolan for this one... Just weeks after learning that Batman v Superman: Tony Orlando and Dawn's running time was just north of two and a half hours, we're getting word that Captain America: Civil War's running time is 146 minutes. Add in the fact that Bryan Singer has hinted several times that X-Men: Apocalypse will be the longest X-Men movie, and it looks like you're not getting out of a comic book movie, with trailers, in under three hours.

According to Den of Geek (link below), Australian theater chain Event Cinemas was the first to make the 146 minute Civil War running time public. For those keeping score at home, that's three minutes longer than The Avengers, five minutes longer than Age of Ultron, ten minutes longer than Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and a whopping twenty-two minutes longer than Captain America: The First Avenger

I get it, people love these movies and want them to be as long as possible, but frankly it's just sensory overload and noise that comprise the bulk of these bloated running times. I hear people say all the time that movies like these don't feel their length, but allow me to counter with yes they god damned do. Age of Ultron felt like it was never going to end and it was shorter than the first one. Being long doesn't make a movie great—just look at any of The Hobbit movies—but Christopher Nolan has set a precedent which says to filmmakers, it's okay for your films to be long. The Dark Knight Rises, while excellent, could have stood to lose twenty minutes at least.

Maybe I'm just a cranky old man, but my willpower and—more importantly—my bladder think that this is getting out of hand. Reign it in, fellas. 

Via Den of Geek

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