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Fans Start a Petition to Remove Zack Snyder from Justice League Because Internet Petitions Always Work


I get it Superman and Batman fans, I really do. You're pissed off right now, and rightfully so. You were promised an awesome Batman vs Superman movie and right now, you're shaking your collective heads in disbelief over what Snyder gave you versus what you expected the movie to be. That's movies, though. It's a constant battle between your own expectations and the finished product, but the same fan overreaction that garnered the dumbest petition in history—the one to bring George Lucas back for Episode IX—has now brought us the "Replace Zack Snyder" petition.

According to Cinema Blend (link below), two separate petitions are circling the internet, both with the same goal: getting Zack Snyder fired before he can start production on Justice League, as if he hasn't already done months of pre-production on it...

One petition is based in the United States and specifically requests that another director be found to handle the Justice League movie. This petition seems to be focused on the idea that regardless of your overall feeling toward Man of Steel or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, that it would be better to have a director who does not divide the fans quite so divisively. It claims that the building blocks are there to make a great film, simply that Snyder is not the one to do it. This petition is close to hitting its 500 signature goal as of this writing.

The second petition is based out of India and actually requests that Zack Snyder be removed from the DCEU entirely by Warner Brothers. This petition makes a point to compliment Snyder’s ability to create stunning visuals but does so as a counterpoint toward its view that he "cannot tell a story." This petition is currently sitting at just short of 230 signatures as of writing.

I hate that I have to keep harping on this point, but what did any of you expect? Seriously? I saw a Zack Snyder movie, just like I always do, only I found it to be watchable, which is something I don't usually feel during his movies. So yeah, I get it, but this petition should have started—if it should have started at all—before he made Batman v Superman. I guess the DC fanbase is so used to backtracking that this just seems like another day at the office for them. 

Via Cinema Blend

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