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DC's Next Television Series Will Center Around Another Batman Supporting Character


If Fox's Gotham has done nothing else, it's proven that Batman's stable of villains and supporting characters are, indeed, enough to sustain an entire series. Now word is coming down the pike that there's going to be another Batman-less spin-off television series in the works. Titled Pennyworth, the series is set to focus around the most trusted man in Bruce Wayne's life: his butler Alfred Pennyworth.

According to Bleeding Cool (link below), DC Comics recently secured a copyright for the name Pennyworth, but there's no indication as to whether or not Gotham's Sean Pertwee will reprise his role as Alfred on the new series. Personally I'd like to see it go in a different direction with a new actor, but Pertwee is a fine actor and I won't be disappointed should he headline the series. I guess I'm more hopeful they can break away from Gotham's formula and do something a little more interesting. I can't imagine that following Pertwee's glorified babysitter would make for an exciting series, but the notion of a series set in Gotham City not involving Batman also sounded like dog shit when it was first announced and it's turned out slightly better than that. Either way, I'm sure we'll find out soon what we're in for.

Via Bleeding Cool

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