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5 Bizarre Zack Snyder Facts from His Bonkers Interview with Bloomberg Business


I'd like to preface this article by saying that I don't hate Zack Snyder, despite the fact that I have to constantly remind myself there's a "c" in his first name, because dude just looks like a Zak. I do, however, hate mostly everything he's done and I think he's a hack filmmaker of the highest order who's in way over his head with this whole DC cinematic universe thing. For further evidence of why I get this impression of him, here are five things I learned about the director from his new interview in Bloomberg Business (link below).


He's an avid badminton player


Not just an avid player, but someone training with a world class badminton coach. That's some weird shit right there...

The shot he’s working on is known as a kill. “Technically, with a kill, your opponent shouldn’t have a chance,” he explains. His trainer, Alistair Casey, who also coaches Olympic contenders in the sport, starts hitting birdies across the net. Snyder leaps into the air and whacks them back, groaning with agony when his shots hit the net. “Don’t put so much testosterone into it,” Casey advises. Soon the floor is littered with birdies, some of them in tatters. Snyder has had quite a workout. “I get 3 miles of running out of this,” he says, smiling through his sweat.

I guess, dude. I just don't know how I feel about playing a game centered around something called a shuttlecock.


His base of operations is something else


The headquarters of Snyder's Cruel & Unusual Films is a former warehouse littered with shit likely purchased with the same level of cautionary consideration Nicolas Cage applied to his stolen dinosaur skull purchase.

Warner turned it over to him, and now he toils in a chamber big enough for a basketball court. Adams says co-workers refer to it as Snyder’s own Fortress of Solitude. There’s a set of weight machines in the center where he gets buff four times a week and an area where he lounges with colleagues on a white sofa and chairs beside a statue of a pale headless horse. A Superman figurine commands a coffee table. Similarly posed models of Batman and Wonder Woman keep watch over the room along with a full-size winged angel from Snyder’s 2011 film, Sucker Punch.

There are several human skulls on a circular desk where Snyder works on his iMac. “I don’t know why,” he says. “I just like skulls.” Six axes lean against the nearby wall. “I just like axes,” he says innocently. “They are cool. I have axes at home that I cut wood with, but these are my special ones.”

I wonder how many times Snyder has to tell one of his EIGHT children that daddy's axes are for display only. 



He drinks eggnog lattes


Zack Snyder's just a regular guy, guys. He just wants to unwind after a long day of playing badminton and taking pictures by sipping a smooth eggnog latte well past Christmas while lounging in a flowery shirt and lace-up boots.

An assistant delivers a late-afternoon eggnog latte with an extra shot of espresso, and Snyder takes a seat on the sofa. He’s wearing a white flowered shirt, a gray vest, jeans, and fashionably weathered lace-up boots. It’s been a long day—badminton in the morning and then a four-hour photo shoot—but he’s eager to talk about his movies and their inspiration

See, just a regular joe like you or me. 


He was inspired by Star Wars... and his Christian Science upbringing


This nugget's kind of buried and then completely glossed over by Snyder, who doesn't say whether or not he's still a practicing Christian Scientist.

The family belonged to the Christian Science Church, whose members believe that sin and illness are nothing but illusions. Snyder attended the Daycroft School, a Christian Science school in Greenwich, and a summer camp run by the church in Maine. “It was pretty hard-core,” he says.

Snyder’s religious upbringing made him receptive to books and movies with sacred themes. He was overwhelmed by Star Wars when his mother took him to see it in 1977. The Force reminded him of the heavenly powers Christian Scientists believe in. The same year, his mother gave him a movie camera, and he started making short stop-action films.

So yeah, I guess we have George Lucas and Scientist Jesus to thank for this one.



His dream project is every bit as Zack Snyder as you’d expect…


Seriously, get a load of this absolute rubbish pitch...

One of these days, he’d like to make one about George Washington in the style of 300. He has a picture in his office of the Revolutionary War hero crossing the icy Delaware on his way to decimate the British in the Battle of Trenton. “We were talking about it,” Snyder says. “The first thing we asked was, well, how are we going to make it look? I pointed at this painting. It looks like 300. It’s not that hard.” 

"It's not that hard" sounds like Zack Snyder's motto. 

For more interesting tidbits, like the time he attended school with Michael Bay and that teacher didn't somehow lose their license to teach, head over to Bloomberg Business.

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