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3 Fan Made YouTube 'Batman v Superman' Clips That Are Better Than The Actual Film

Alright, you've read our reviews. You've read the rest of the internet's reviews. Maybe you even wasted 20 bucks of your own hard-earned money because you had to see this cinematic train wreck for yourself—Or because you had to review it for this super cool site you write for. At the crux of it all, BvS is like a poem, written by that boyfriend in high school, that you pretend to like even though it's terrible because he poured his heart into it. The worst part about Bats v Supes was the wasted potential. This movie had the potential to be amazing, and it failed in major fashion. So how could it have been done better? Give it to the fans. Here are three fan-made Batman v Superman clips that are more entertaining than the big budget movie.



This fun video of The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight getting rejected from a party has something Dawn of Justice needed more of—lighthearted, fun moments. Sean's videos are adorable little romps, and they're cast with actual cosplayers. 


2. Batman v Poison Ivy, Sketch From Superheroes

Okay, so Batman isn't fighting Superman in this video, but this little clip of Bruce Wayne going up against Ivy and some protesters definitely deserves a look. These sketches are from the same team who bring you Texts From Superheroes, and if they don't have you laughing, nothing will, save maybe the Joker's laughing gas, you joyless monster. Double points because at least they reference that BATMAN DOESN'T KILL, something Snyder decided did not apply to HIS grunty, tire-punching Batman. 


3. Ukelele Batman v Flaming Bagpipes Superman, The Unipiper

I feel like I don't even have to write up a blurb where I try to be witty. The title says it all. This should have been the final scene in the film.


There you have it—three fan-made clips that are more fun than BvS.  Oh, well, fingers crossed for Civil War. 

Brandy dawley

Brandy Dawley

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