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Who's the New Villain for Fast and Furious 8? Oooo, It's a Lady!


If there's one villain the gang from the Fast & Furious franchise hasn't faced yet, it's the kind that comes equipped with lady business. Well all that changes with the eighth film which will see "a lone female villain" with Charlize Theron in talks to take on the role. You can call it Fast & Furiosa 8... I'll show myself out.

According to Deadline (link below), the film would reunite Theron with her Italian Job director F. Gary Gray. Gray is coming aboard the franchise because Straight Outta Compton was competently made and everyone seems to have forgotten that the dude directed almost nothing but garbage prior to last summer's surprise hit. No word on whether she'll be working with Jason Statham's incarcerated villain from the last installment, but does it honestly matter? You're gonna see it regardless. You're a sucker for those movies, it's okay. Don't be so ashamed.

Via Deadline

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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