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The Winners of the 1st Annual Double Viking Excellence in Film Awards, aka The Vikies


Welcome the 1st Annual Double Viking Excellence in Film Awards, better known in the industry as The Vikies. This has been a decent year for movies, certainly not a great year, but overall above average I would say. The competition was fierce, with lots of lobbying for these awards and plenty of wining and dining of our voting board. Without any further ado, here are the winners of the 2015 Vikies!

First things first, let's get to our two Honorary Vikies, one of which we've already told you about and the other is a nice last minute surprise...


The 2015 Wig Vanguard Award


What an excellent year Giamatti had, especially when it came to sweet wigs in music biopics. In fact, this might be the best year any actor has had wearing wigs in music biopics, and it would be a shame to let such strong wig work fall by the wayside. Congrats, Paul. A well deserved win!



The Last Minute Attempt to Not Look Racist Award


The lack of non-white actors nominated for Oscars the last two years has caused us to create this last minute category so as not to look as racist as the Oscars. This year's award goes to Idris Elba in Beasts of No Nation.

Alright and with that crap out of the way, on to the big awards...


Biggest Surprise

This award is given to a film that overcame bad pre-release publicity or terrible trailers to be entertaining and fun



Kingsman: The Secret Service

Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation




And the winner is...


While I enjoyed all five of these, Kingsman was the biggest surprise by far. It also proved to me that The Devil's Rejects no longer owns "Freebird," as I will now think of this film whenever I hear that Skynyrd classic.


The "Nice Try" Award 


This award is presented to the actor or actress this year who really thought they were going to win an Oscar. Whether they shaved, grew a beard, lost a ton of weight, used a funny accent, some combination of those elements, or whatever else they may have tried, it was all in vain. 

Will Smith, Concussion

Angelina Jolie, By the Sea

Joseph Gordon Levitt, The Walk

Chris Hemsworth, In the Heart of the Sea

The entire ensemble of Suffragette


And the winner is...


Don't get me wrong, everyone was going out of their way to win an award in this category, but Angelina's attempt was the most egregious in my book because she wrote and directed the film as well. Everyone else was just an actor for hire, but this was a Jolie-Pitt passion project. We still love Angie though and always look forward to whatever she does next.


Trailers that were Better than the Movie


Click the title to watch the trailer


Black Mass

The Visit

The Boy Next Door

Magic Mike XXL


And the winner is...


Spectre wasn't awful—although that shitty theme song rivals "Die Another Day" by Madonna as the worst in the series—but it wasn't as good as the trailer, that's for sure. While the film had some great sequences like the cold open and the train fight, but these moments were few and far between in this sluggish two and a half hour film. If only they hadn't shown most of the best stuff in the trailers. 


Blockbuster Movie ($100 million+ in North America) that Sucked the Most 


Jurassic World

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Fifty Shades of Grey

San Andreas

Hotel Transylvania 2


And the winner is...


We all know that Fifty Shades of Grey is total dog shit, but the success of San Andreas is far more baffling to me. The film wasn't simply derivative of, oh I don't know, every other disaster movie ever made, it literally brought nothing new to the table. Do people really enjoy watching thousands of unnamed innocent people die just so The Rock can go save his top heavy daughter? I mean, I know some people enjoy it, but not as many as went to see this dreck.


Best Wig


Steve Carell, The Big Short

Joel Edgerton, The Gift

Peter Dinklage, Pixels

Jeremy Piven, Entourage

Stanley Tucci, Spotlight


And the winner is...


Another tough, tough category with lots of fierce competition, but in the end, we've got to go with Peter Dinklage. Those flowing locks helped makeover the Game of Thrones star's image into that of notorious real life video game villain Billy Mitchell, and he was literally the only thing this movie had going for it, so that helped push him over the top as well. Carell, Tucci, and Edgerton were in good movies, and it's no fun kicking Piven while he's down, so that pretty much cleared the way for Dinklage. 


Movie that Audiences Should Hate Themselves for Not Seeing


The Good Dinosaur

Shaun the Sheep Movie


The Gift

What We Do in the Shadows


And the winner is...


I'm upset and disheartened that all five of these films underperformed at the box office, but I guess I'm most outraged over the apathy that greeted director Brad Bird's beautifully uplifting modern fantasy film. The film's entire gripe is essentially, "Why don't people care as much as they should about one another and the future?" and the fact that the film didn't recoup its budget only helps solidify how hard it is to come by an answer to that question. I'm not dense enough to think that a movie like this could change the world, but it could very well inspire the next generation to make a better world than the one with which we've left them. 


Best Male Performance that Was Better than the Movie it was in


Tom Hardy, Legend

Ben Mendelsohn, Lost River

Tony Hale, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

Johnny Depp, Black Mass

Christoph Waltz, Spectre 


And the winner is...


Another tough category with plenty of worthy performances, but we decided to throw JD a bone. His next two movies are Alice Through the Looking Glass and Pirates of the Caribbean: Quest for the Who Could Possibly Give a Shit, so we won't see Depp give a good performance again for a while. It's very disappointing, but we should never forget just how good he can be when he's not basing his entire character around a hat.


Best Female Performance that Was Better than the Movie it was in


Julianne Nicholson, Black Mass

Cate Blanchett, Cinderella

Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight

Eva Mendes, Lost River

Jane Fonda, Youth


And the winner is...


One could mount a strong argument for any of these fine actresses, but now two months removed from The Hateful Eight, I have to admit that Jennifer Jason Leigh's performance is just about the only strong, positive memories I have of the film. Tarantino does her no favors by having her physically and mentally abused throughout almost the entire film, but he also has a genuine love and affection for this character, which JJL mines brilliantly. As the only major female character in the film, she shows these men a thing or two about how it's done.


And finally, the big award of the night...

Best Movie


Mad Max: Fury Road

Inside Out

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Ex Machina

The Big Short


And the winner is...


While all five of these films were satisfying and enjoyable films, Ex Machina did the best job of balancing adult themes with smart dialogue and terrific performances. It's the total package of a film, and certainly one that raises more questions than it answers. That's a good thing when selecting Best Movie, is how much work did you have to do as an audience member while watching the film, and I think it's clear that Ex Machina made the audience work the hardest of these five with the greatest reward of all being a filmmaker and cast that don't betray all that work.

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