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'Simpsons' to Air Live Episode Despite it Being a Terrible Strain On the Animators' Wrists


The Simpsons is doing what all great shows that outlived their relevance do, resorting to gimmicky ratings grab maneuvers. Series Executive Producer Al Jean announced that they have perfected the technology to do live animation on the air. This brings to mind the question of just because you can do something, should you do it? 

As Jean explains it to The Wrap (link below), it's basically going to involve Dan Castellaneta running around like Andy Serkis in a studio while a computer simulation animates his actions in real time... or something.

The final three minutes of the May 15 show will use motion capture technology to animate actor Dan Castellaneta — the voice of Homer whom Jean called “a great improviser” — in real-time. All the while, Castellaneta will also be providing on-the-fly voiceover. Jean promised TheWrap that producers will find some interesting ways to “prove” the effort is live.

While his is the only character going live, Castellaneta won’t be alone. Jean and the writers will be hanging out in the booth/motion-capture facility, offering any last-minute rewrites they can — kind of like an awards show.

“I think this is a first for animation,” Jean told us.

Guy, your cartoon is full of firsts. Nobody's gonna remember this one. It'll end up like that shitty Treehouse of Horror that was done in high tech 3D animation in 1995, and now looks like something created on a Macintosh II. Looks like The Simpsons will not go quietly into that goodnight. I guess at this point, they should shoot for thirty seasons and call it a day, but please let that be it. I shouldn't have to watch my favorite television show suffer a long and painful death.

Via The Wrap

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