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A 'Transformers' Sequel a Year from 2017-2019? What Could Go Wrong?


There's a fundamental lesson that movie studios have failed to learn time and again. When audiences love a property, first and foremost they want it to be well taken care of. They want the creative team to understand and respect the source material and take their time to get it right. What they don't want is a movie a year regardless of quality, yet that's what Paramount's determined to give us with a Transformers sequel every year from 2017-2019.

For the record, I don't have a dog in this fight since I didn't like Transformers as a kid—it's a car thing, I never like Hot Wheels either—and I've hated the two films I've seen. I could give two shits about this property, but this move by the studio to have a movie in theaters every summer is disconcerting. Movies are competing for release dates four and five years out now and this whole thing just feels like it's going to collapse eventually. I was somewhat encouraged when the last one didn't do so hot here in the States, but then it made like $300 million in China and you can't do anything but shake your head in disbelief at that point. 

According to Coming Soon (link below), the Michael Bay directed, Marky Mark starring Transformers 5: Age of Who Gives a Shit will debut on June 23, 2017, followed by, I shit you not, a Bumblebee spin-off on June 8, 2018, and Transformers 6: Fuck You and Your Kids on June 28, 2019. If you pay money to see any of these movies, you're part of the problem.

Via Coming Soon

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