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You Guys, Michael Bay Won't Direct Anymore 'Transformers' Movies... After This Next One


Michael Bay, inventor of the explosion-cleavage-explosion-explosion formula, is a noted control freak who has repeatedly threatened to vacate the director's chair of the Transformers franchise. He took a property whose prior big screen bottom involved being a footnote in the career of Orson Welles, and bloated it to new heights of unearned epicness that people continue to eat up to the tune of over a billion dollars worldwide. Well, in a new interview with Rolling Stone (link below), Bay says he's finally ready to make good on that promise of not directing anymore Transformers movies... After he directs the fifth one.

In this article—that matches its subject's penchant for stretching thin material to exasperating length—Bay comes as close as he possibly can to proving he's cognizant of his place in this world as a commercially successful director more than a revered artist by correcting Josh Eells' financial statistics...

Together, his 11 films have grossed a staggering $5 billion-plus, making him the fourth-most-successful director of all time. "That's international," corrects Bay politely. "Domestic, I'm number two."

Holy shit, did you ever think anyone could make themselves more unlikeable through simple clarification? In case you didn't know, Bay has appointed himself the steward of Hollywood's official film on the Benghazi incident. Now, simply saying the word Benghazi aloud three times will conjure an investigative panel full of pasty white guys and a token minority, so it's important not to give them any more fodder than they already possess. 

Instead let's focus on that Transformers franchise, the one that most of us knew was shit, but which took the American public nearly eleven hours to figure out for themselves. After the second film made more money than the first, Bay first pulled his coy tactic of saying he was done, as if he were the American Hayao Miyazaki. Sadly, the comparison to Miyazaki doesn't end there, as he of course backtracked those statements as he began work on his next film. Thankfully, this and "they make movies" are the only two things Bay and Miyazaki have in common. 

After Transformers: Age of Extinctionwhich in North America grossed a million dollars for every minute it ran—Bay also promised he was done with directing entries in the franchise, but he walks all that back again in this interview...

Right now, in addition to 13 Hours, he's doing post-production on the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which he's producing and which is due in 2016, and pre-production for the next Transformers, which he's directing for summer 2017. "I'm doing Transformers ... 5, is it?" Bay says, temporarily losing track. He shakes his head. "I've taken on a lot of work."

So there you have it folks, you can put it on his tombstone one day: Michael Bay, "I've taken on a lot of work."

Via Rolling Stone

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