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The Vikies: Nominees for Best Wig


Since this is our inaugural year for The Vikies, we're taking a more in-depth look at each category and nominee to help give you some context for the awards. Our first category is Best Wig and this category is reserved exclusively for men in terrible looking wigs. We're hoping to add a Wig Hall of Fame in the coming months, so our follicular fans should be on the lookout for that. Now on to the nominees...


Steve Carell, The Big Short


Steve Carell did some spectacular work with a fake nose in last year's Foxcatcher, but his Big Short wig kicked things into high gear. A lovely layering of brown and bleach blonde, this wig does most of the heavy lifting in Carell's more comedic scenes, but it's not too much of a drama wig. That could work to its detriment in this super competitive category.


Joel Edgerton, The Gift


Edgerton had a banner wig year with his work in both The Gift and Black Mass, though his sorry ass wig from The Gift took the nod here. Likely fresh off the set of Exodus: Gods and Kings, a role for which he had to shave his head, Edgerton seems to have just grabbed a wig off the wig pile before heading to the set of his directorial debut. It works well with his character, the pitiable Gordo, and really adds an extra layer of creepiness to his performance.


Peter Dinklage, Pixels


As Adam Sandler's arch-rival Eddie Plant, Peter Dinklage was quite literally the only good thing about the atrocious Pixels. Add in the fact that his character's look is clearly modeled on legendary real life video game villain Billy Mitchell, and this wig takes on a whole new meaning. It's luxurious, nicely layered, and looks pretty seamless considering it's obviously a wig.


Jeremy Piven, Entourage


This category's old hat for a guy like Piven, who has been rocking plugs or implants since the early aughts. There's nothing weirder than looking at him in PCU or any of the countless John Cusack movies in which he appeared as a prematurely balding twenty-something. He got a big screen upgrade to his wig for the big Entourage movie, and frankly, it's never looked better.


Stanley Tucci, Spotlight


Let's be honest, The Tooch deserves this award for his outstanding wig work in The Hunger Games series, but his Spotlight piece was much more subdued and subtle. It may not always be the subtlest wig that wins this award, but it never hurts to recognize some nice subtle wig work when we see it.

So who's your pick? Anyone we missed? Let us know in the comments section below and be here Friday, February 26 when we reveal the winners in every category!

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Steve Attanasie

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