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Please Be True, Please Be True: Tilda Swinton to Play David Bowie in Upcoming Biopic?


In case you didn't know, David Bowie and Tilda Swinton were totes best buds. Totes McGotes. Swinton appeared as Bowie's wife in the video for The Stars (Are Out Tonight)—which you can find below—and was one of Bowie's closest friends in the entertainment industry. Now word is coming down that Swinton may be playing Bowie in an upcoming biopic.

According to Attitude (link below), Swinton essentially has "right of first refusal" on the role, which means she would have to turn it down before they would consider anyone else for the role.  

“It’s remarkable how much Tilda resembles David in his younger days despite the fact she is female,” Their source is quoted as saying. “That and the androgyny that he loved to present as part of his image makes Tilda the perfect choice to play David in the inevitable event of a film being made of his incredible life. Tilda will have first refusal on playing a true icon.”

Opening the record breaking David Bowie Is… exhibition at the V&A in 2013, Swinton said she had been drawn to Bowie at the age of 12, through the cover of the Aladdin Sane album, without having even heard it. “The image of that gingery boney pinky whitey person on the cover with the liquid mercury collar bone was – for one particular young moonage daydreamer – the image of planetary kin,” she said, “of a close imaginary cousin and companion of choice.”

This might be a great way to get Ben Whishaw to finally play Freddie Mercury, since that biopic will never get made. I wonder if Swinton will play Bowie all the way through or if they'll Todd Haynes it and have multiple Bowies. Haynes, by the way, should also have right of first refusal for the director's chair on this as well. Either way, it'll be nice to have a movie that can sit next to Velvet Goldmine on my shelf.

Via Attitude

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