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McG Needs to Keep His Filthy Paws Off My Beloved 'Masters of the Universe'


Devastating news today for all He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fans as notorious hack director McG is in talks to direct their return to the big screen for Sony. I get that it's a niche property, but it has endured for over thirty years because of the rabid but small fan base, so to slap them in the face by basically saying, "We don't understand this property so let's just find a marginally recognizable name to direct it." Bad move Sony.

According to Deadline (link below), Sony is eager to start production and is actually allowing McG to make script revisions. Sony, have you seen anything that this man has done? He's the discount Zack Snyder and that is REALLY saying something. 

If you think my anger towards that Smashmouth reject McG is misplaced or overblown, allow me to direct your attention to this whole situation...


Christian Bale took all the heat for this situation, but an incompetent director allowed it to happen in the first place. His cameraman shouldn't have been adjusting lights during a take and Bale shouldn't have been allowed to rant on at length. This is the atmosphere on a McG set, a director who can't control his talent or his crew. I don't want him and his filthy paws anywhere near my beloved Masters of the Universe. All that asshole brought to the table in that entire argument was, "I didn't see it happen." When it's an intimidating muscular man screaming on the set of He-Man, I don't see things ending as well. 

Via Deadline

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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