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BREAKING: Sneaky-ass extra planet in our solar system playing Hide and Seek


It turns out everything we learned in elementary school is a lie. Pluto isn't a planet, there are two dwarves in our solar system named Sedna and Biden, and a region of floating ice shards called the Kuiper Belt lies in the Space Beyond Neptune (not Pluto, 'cause we demoted him). Combine that with the fact that space bends in on itself, creating a reality in which an infinite number of potential universes that look as tiny as a speck of dirt to the human eye (?) can exist, and your head is probably spinning faster than Earth's orbit. BUT GUESS WHAT? It gets worse/better/crazier/wut.

Astronomer Mike Brown (the same dude that revoked Pluto's planet status) has made a massive discovery: Said ice shards way out yonder all have orbits that tilt in the same direction, which doesn't really happen—unless there's a planet lined up in the other direction. The only problem? There isn't a planet out there for them to cluster near. At least, there wasn't until right now. 

Planet Nine and Three Quarters

I'm just kidding, guys, it would really only be planet Straight Up Nine, but you get the idea. We can't see the behemoth that astronomers now strongly suspect is out there because any sunlight that would hit the planet and bounce back to us would be too faint to see. Bummer. Luckily, people with important degrees and massive telescopes are on the case and hope to make an astronomical (see what I did there?) discovery soon. Based on what they know, they've deduced the Mystery Planet is roughly ten times the size of Earth, which is pretty damn big, I think. 

I may not be an astronomer, but I have space shuttle slippers, which qualifies me to say this much: I'm really, really, REALLY excited about this. 

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