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Will 'The Disaster Artist' Cast Get Through a Single Take Without Laughing?


Welp, this project just officially tipped too far in one direction for me to get unnaturally excited about. While yesterday's news that Hunker Games star Josh Hutcherson was joining the cast of The Disaster Artist was very exciting, this first (un)official look at the Brothers Franco in character as Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero has me wondering if anyone's gonna be able to get through a take without laughing like an asshole.

While I love the idea of turning The Disaster Artist—the behind the scenes account of the making of the film widely regarded as the worst ever made, 2003's The Room—into a movie, the participation of multi-millionaire actors known for not taking anything seriously is what really has me most apprehensive. This photo confirms that these guys think this is hilarious, a really bad starting point for comedy. Let's hope I'm wrong. But I'm not.

Plus, why did no one contact Patton Oswalt to play Wiseau?

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Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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